The Galaxy S10 delivers its secrets

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By cutting through the different leaks that occur day after day, we can get a better idea of ​​the new Galaxy range that will be presented in two weeks at the MWC 2019. On the menu, Wi-Fi 6, 5G or even large batteries size and storage capacity never seen before.

While the Galaxy S9  was disappointed by its lack of innovation, its little brother could be the big star of the MWC 2019, the mobile show that will be held from 25 to 28 February in Barcelona. This Samsung smartphone will even be presented shortly before, February 20, for a scheduled release on March 9. These dates are part of the few leaks that follow in recent days.

First, it will be a complete range, just like what had proposed Apple a few months ago with these new iPhone. According to the grid compiled by MS Power User, there are six models, whose prices range from 779 euros to 1,599 euros! So we are in the very high end, and the names are: one S10 Lite (or E), two S10 and three S10 Plus. Common to these six models, a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, the most powerful of the moment at this manufacturer.

From 6 to 12 GB of RAM!

For the memory, it oscillates between 6 and 12 GB and it is obviously very comfortable since some computers do not even have as much memory . This is even a record for the most expensive model, which will of course be equipped with 1 TB as storage capacity . To differentiate models, there is also the screen. The Lite comes back with a screen with sharp edges of 5.8 inches. For the S10, the screen will be 6.1 inches with curved edges. For the S10 Plus, two models with a diagonal of 6.4 inches, and the last, always the most expensive, which reaches 6.7 inches. We are closer to the tablet than the phablet  !

For the photo part, essential to compete with Google Pixel 3, again it varies by model. The Lite is satisfied with a front sensor, and two on the back. At the end of the chain, the largest of the S10 has two cameras on the front and four on the back! No details for the moment on the resolution of the sensors. For the battery, it starts at 3.100 mAh and it will go up to 5.000 mAh. We are far from the promises of smartphones Energizer, but it is already exceptional.

The arrival of 5G and Wi-Fi 6

For connectivity, there will be only 4G for five models, and once again, the most expensive model will stand out with a 5G chip. For now, no operator offers a 5G package but the Galaxy S10 Plus 73500 will be ready for the switch.

On the Wi-Fi side as well, one should expect state-of-the-art technology, and Droid Life found in the FCC ( Federal Communications Commission ) documents the presence of an 802.11ax chip also known as of WiFi 6. This is the latest standard and it combines three important advances: greater transfer speed, better safety, and energy savings. Again, Samsung is speeding manufacturers since hardware compatible with this standard will arrive during the year. Box, routers and hotspot are not ready yet but the fact that a manufacturer like Samsung equips a smartphone of this chip should accelerate the transition.

Samsung will put 1 TB in a smartphone

At one month of the  Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the South Korean manufacturer creates the event by unveiling a flash memory chip capable of storing 1 TB of data. This is twice more than the most advanced smartphone of the moment, and this component could equip the Galaxy S10, its next smartphone “premium”.Article by Fabrice Auclert published  on 31/01/2019

While some manufacturers écharpent on the screen size, the power of image sensors, or processor speed, Samsung chose to hit hard in terms of storage as its next smartphone will be equipped with a chip 1 To! This is a storage space usually reserved for computers, and the Korean has managed the feat of integrating 1,000 GB of space without increasing the size of its component. This is the case of flash memory type  Universal Flash Storage (eUFS) and could equip the Galaxy S10 that Samsung is expected to unveil at MWC in Barcelona.

But the storage capacity is not the only strong point of this chip about 1 x 1 cm since Samsung boasts of record transfer speeds with 1,000 Mb / s read and 260 Mb / s write. In its table, the manufacturer explains that it is nearly 40% better than the older generation, or that it is twice as fast in reading as an SSD or 10 times faster than MicroSD cards.

A chip adapted to videos in very high definition

The speed of writing is not trivial for a smartphone since Samsung recalls that this chip will take advantage of models equipped with multiple photo sensors for optimal processing of images, photos or videos, in HD. The faster the chip, the better the comfort of use will be to take snapshots or film without the least embarrassment. 

Question storage, Samsung is just the example of video with the ability to record 260 videos of 10 minutes in 4K UHD (a resolution of 3.840 × 2.160 points). This is 20 times more than the old chip, and again, it will turn smartphones into a real digital camcorder, capable of storing hundreds of video in exceptional quality.

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