The OnePlus 7 Compatible 5G From 2019?

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5G, the next mobile phone standard, is coming to the fore, even as 4G coverage continues in France. Pending the deployment of this much faster technology than the previous ones, smartphone manufacturers are working on the compatibility of their next devices with this future standard.

OnePlus in the race

This is the case of OnePlus. Its leader and co-founder Pete Lau has just announced during the Mobile World Congress, held in Shanghai in late June 2018, that his engineers were working hard on a 5G compatible smartphone. He appeared rather optimistic and announced to have a very good hope to present us all fresh all beautiful current of the year 2019.

Super new, no? Yes, but the OnePlus 6 has just been released! Remember, it’s really new since it only dates from May 22nd. The next opus OnePlus is already planned for the end of this year, this future OnePlus 6T cannot logically be the one that will embark on the evolution of 5G. We can assume that this will be the case of a future OnePlus 7!

And the other builders?

OnePlus is of course not alone in the ultra-competitive world of the smartphone and other brands are also working on this next revolution. The Chinese Huawei, the Korean Samsung, the American Microsoft, and its Lumia are on the spot and would test the 5G now also aiming for the fastest possible exit, from 2019, just to occupy the front of the stage and make a maximum of buzz.

So fast, 5G?

The 4G + allows a connection speed of up to 300 megabytes per second, the advertised performance turns the head. Samsung would have achieved amazing results, with a bitrate close to 7.5 gigabytes per second. The University of Surrey has achieved, in lab conditions, of course, a staggering rate of more than 1 terabyte per second (with transmitters and receivers specially developed by the university).

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