These Five Things must-haves in Your Travel Bag

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Make the most of your trip with our guide, in which we have listed the most essential items for you to take your travel photography to the next level.

Are you going out this summer? Then make sure that you are prepared as well as possible so that you can make fantastic travel photos. With these five must-haves in your travel bag you can optimally enjoy the sights and the atmosphere.

1. A tripod

A tripod is a perfect tool for taking great photos, panoramas and timelapses, but it can be difficult to have to carry this part of your gear with you. The size of your tripod depends on the type of trip you make. If you travel from one city to another, a compact tripod that you can easily put in your backpack is ideal. But if you go to a remote place or somewhere high up in the mountains, you need a larger tripod, with which you can better capture the breathtaking surroundings. There are tripods in all shapes and sizes, so look for a copy that fits well with your trip.

2. Memory cards

The dreaded message ‘Memory card full’ is the last thing you want to see when you are taking photos. So take a few extra memory cards with you, depending on the number of photos you expect to take. Micro SD cards offer value for money and are so small that you can easily take a few with you.

3. A power bank or portable charger

The last thing you want is that your camera battery runs out when you travel. That is why a power bank is essential. Choose a power bank with at least 10,000 mAh, so that you can recharge several times a day. We are sure that you will be grateful if you have found your golden photo opportunity after a 7-hour walk around!

4. A notebook and pen

Before you take a picture of a scene or a moment, there is often more space behind the scenes than what you see in the image. Therefore, take a notebook with you on a trip for keeping a travel diary – or a photo diary – in which you write down sounds, smells, names of people or the location. This way you can provide your photos with a background story when you get started with your photo album.

5. The camera

Of course you bring a camera. The only question is: which camera? If you travel around a lot, it’s hard to carry a heavy camera. But if you really want to take impressive photos, the following applies: the bigger, the better. Of course you can take both with you and vary them depending on your plans for that day. And if your smartphone has a good camera, that is more than sufficient for your daily photography needs.

So make sure you put these essential supplies in your suitcase and be well prepared to take beautiful photos this summer.

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