Thinking of Buying a New AC in Summer? These TIPS will Work

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In the month of April in India, the summer has started speaking up and it is difficult to work with a fan only. In this case, if you are thinking of buying a new AC, then you are going to tell us some important tips that can help you, in choosing the right AC.

 The first thing that you have to keep in mind is that you get the better energy efficient AC.The higher the rating of the AC, the more it will save electricity. Because you know that by applying AC, the electricity bill is much higher. Generally ACs come with 1 star to 5 star rating. I.e. better than a 5 star rated AC star. However, it is important to keep in mind that if you want to use AC only for 6-7 hours, even for 3-4 months, then such a 3 star rating can prove to be beneficial.

 Also, you can select the Inverter AC to save power. This prevents electricity more efficiently. That is, you can understand that the 3-star inverter makes less power consuming than AC 5-star regular AC. But inverters are much more expensive than regular ACs.

What you need to keep in mind after this is the size of AC. If your room is 100 to 120 square feet, then 1 ton AC is enough for you. For room with 175 square feet, you will need 1.5 tons of AC. Similarly, choose AC. Taking the AC of the right size will also save your power.

 You need to take care of coils while buying AC. AC usually come with two coils-copper and aluminum. Those copper coils come with some kind of expensive but they are better at quality level compared to aluminum. In the same way, when you buy AC, ask extreme about the AC efficacy for the condition of extreme heat or when the sun’s light is falling directly on the AC. Because good quality AC Extreme heat also performs better, while lower quality ACs with low quality also do more power consume.

 pronounce Besides generating the thing to keep in mind that AC much Noice not anywhere. Split ACs usually produce little or no equalizer in the same way, while in the window AC, Noyce’s problem is high. It can spoil your sleep. In such a case, ask your AC dealer about the indoor and outdoor unit’s knees delivery. Also keep in mind the place where AC is to be placed.

 If you come with air purifiers, anti-bacterial, order removal filter and WiFi support to AC so much more than cold AC, like an extra feature nowadays market. However, their price is slightly higher.

 The last thing you have to keep in mind is that you have to take care of after-cell service too. ACs come in quite a lot of technology. In this case, take all the servicing related information from your dealer.

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