World’s 10 Best Places to Visit in 2018-19

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To celebrate this new year, do you want to treat yourself and book your next vacation? Beaches, nature, culture, the possibilities are open to you … Our Top 10 destinations to discover in 2018 is here to help!


So far the destination has seduced almost unanimously scientists, adventurers, and cruise passengers. For others, poor landlords, Greenland remains a vast white dream, regularly illustrating the urgency of the environmental situation. However, it is a nugget, even rarer than Iceland provided it takes the time to stop there. From now on it is possible, after a stop in Reykjavik, to fly towards Ilulissat, gateway to Greenland. In summer, we will fully realize the etymology of places (Greenland – the green land). A land on which this time we will firmly put the foot, settling in a private house, facing the sumptuous bay of Disko, the front row of the great ballet of icebergs. The base camp is ideal for exploring the deep fjords under the midnight sun, meet the inhabitants of ancient whalers’ villages and discover the rich Inuit culture, their ancestral way of life and their daily lives. We can also spend the night in a lodge at the foot of a glacier, fly over the Isford twin-engine, explore the biodiversity of the island of Disko, just to live his share of Arctic adventure on an island-continent which definitely brings together all the ingredients of a trip apart. 


Alone on the Nile. Valley of the Kings for oneself. Since 2011, travelers have been deserting Egypt, leaving this privilege of pharaohs unconditionally rare. Fortunately for the country, the wind turns. Flights and cruises resume, some are already full for 2018, the opening year of the Grand Egyptian Museum in Cairo. The enchanted parenthesis should therefore close and it is high time to embark on this exceptional country. Travelers of the World proposes, a new cruise in two stages. First step aboard the Steam Ship Sudan (with a stay on this mythical centenary steam longer than usual cruises), a real temporal interlude between the major sites of Upper Egypt and Belle-Epoque charm of a ship of exception. Aswan marks the start of another journey from the river to Lake Nasser, this time we embark on the Flâneuse du Nil, a traditional dahabieh of only seven cabins. An ideal setting to tackle the forgotten temples that line the shores of a lake with a sea-like air. A nine-day cruise in total, a veritable ode to slow travel, which ends with an arrival on the masterful water at the temples of Abu Simbel. A trip to the end of Nubia, a source of new intimacy with Egypt. 


Stigmatized by the dark decade of the ’90s, Serbia is in full rebirth. Bordered by the Danube and the vast plain of Vojvodina, the capital Belgrade, is a cultural heart that has never stopped beating, takes a new pace today. Remnants of its centuries-old history are just the tip of a bubbling underground city. An abandoned industrial district, Savamala, becomes the new bastion of street art, abandoned squats mutate into micro-cultural centers, ephemeral galleries flourish in basements, young designers redesign a shopping center of the ’90s into a new hub of fashion and old apartments are transformed into dance floors under international DJ sets. An air of déjà-vu? Yes, Belgrade is a well-placed candidate in the race for the new Berlin. A slave soul supplement in addition.


This is the cliché that hides the forest. Behind the tall buildings and broad shoulders of Waikiki beach surfers; behind the huge 4×4 parading in Honolulu, the fiftieth state of America hides wild islands: Kauai, Maui, Big Island, and even Oahu, the main. An extravagant nature expresses itself as in the first days, concentrating the force of the ocean, the forest, the volcanoes which impose humility and spreads through a rich Polynesian culture. The Aloha State cultivates benevolence towards nature and man. Alohais more than just a welcome greeting “cool”, it is the expression of the link to the other. An attachment that expresses itself in ceremonies, tiki, songs, tattoos, where nature always holds a preponderant place. It is permeated with this harmony, perched in an idyllic Kauai hideaway, crunching the fruits of the garden island, flying over the Napali Coast. The same feeling while hiking in the Iao Valley on Maui, between gardenias, frangipani, waterfalls, and lava flow capped with jungle. Finally, this journey will always take you further, lost through the lunar landscapes of Big Island, perpetually shaken by eruptions that connect the peaks to the ocean and continue to grow the island. Hawaii, or the eternal natural rejuvenation. 


With more than 7,000 islands of which less than a quarter are inhabited, the Philippines is one of the last tropical dreams of Southeast Asia. A unique country in which are mixed influences – Spanish, American, Japanese – and Catholic churches grow in the rice fields. From the mountainous landscapes of Northern Luzon Island to the Palawan karstic sugar loafs, capped with dense vegetation, overlooking alabaster beaches and lush lagoons, passing through the voluble jungle and the exceptional bottoms of the Visayas: the archipelago meets all the codes of the idyllic retreat. Yesterday still destined for adventurous divers, the destination has given birth to cozy addresses that now also meet family trips. 


Mozambique is still safe from tourist radars. The destination has yet to offer, especially on its 3000 kilometers of coastline bordering the indigo of the Indian Ocean: some of the most beautiful beaches on the continent. Among the jewels are Bazaruto Island to the south and Quirimbas National Park to the north. Lovers of diving and paradisiacal beaches hold there two extremely well-preserved spots. Another asset of this country: a Lusophone culture that expresses itself through music, cuisine, architecture, especially on the island of Mozambique, a real time capsule, cradled between architectural vestiges now protected by UNESCO and seaside landscapes frozen at the first glimmers of the world.


Simplicity rhymes with durability. So the sobriety of Scandinavian design and the attachment to small comforts (a good book by the fireplace, candles around the fireplace) are in Denmark more than just a trend. In 2018, the famous hygge – the art of Danish cocooning – continues to make us emulators. And if in 2017, the nation has given way to Norway leading the “happiest countries in the world”, it remains anchored for years on this podium of happiness. Far from being locked in their bubble of happiness, the Danes are always in search of solutions of blooming, in the work, the family life, the equality men-women … In short, all that makes it possible to increase Lykke (pronounce “Lu-keu”): the joy of living. A journey essential and good for morale.


Great surprise 2018: France is entering the Voyageurs du Monde destinations! The growing demand for tailor-made trips to the national territory has come to fruition. As of next spring, it becomes feasible to approach the French regions “Voyageurs way”. Traveling trips, off the beaten track, bringing together addresses selected for their cachet and their originality; activities adapted to your tastes and meetings according to your interests whatever the field (architecture, fashion, design, cuisine …). Finally, the exploration of a France with artisanal know-how, giving pride of place to local producers, coupled with the experience that Voyageurs du Monde has developed throughout the world for more than 30 years and enhanced by its services.


Against all odds, his name resonates among insiders as the last trend capital of the Maghreb. Algiers has the wind in its sails. An air of renewal flows between the cultural heritage of its UNESCO-classified Kasbah, the amphitheater of its rolling hills in the Mediterranean, its 50s buildings, in full revival. Entire neighborhoods are changing and see flowering ethnic restaurants, burger and sushi bars, rooftop and deco shops. Thus, next spring (the most pleasant season), Voyageurs du Monde proposes to reconnect with the Franco-Algerian friendship. Get lost between the neo-Moorish and Haussmann buildings of Algiers la Blanche, admire the prehistoric collections of the Bardo museum, stroll in the garden of Essay and Bab el Oued, discover the ancient sites of Tipaza and Cherchel and meet the artisans of the casbah … An intimate Algiers, in the footsteps of specialists. An experience to live permanently in 2018.

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