Xiaomi’s Sports Shoes & Earphone’s sales will be on April 4

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Xiaomi recently launched Mi Men’s Sports Shoes, Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphone and Mi 2-in-1 USB cable in India. On Thursday, Xiaomi announced that these three products will be made available for sale for the first time in the country from April 4 to 12. These three products will be sold exclusively on the official website of Mi Men’s Sports Shoes, Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphone and Mi 2-in-1 USB Cable Shaomi.

As a reminder, let’s say Mi Men’s Sports Shoes 2 was launched in India on the Crowdfunding platform of Xiaomi last month. While the Mi Sports Bluetooth earphone and Mi 2-in-1 USB cable have been introduced this month. Mi Men’s Sports Shoes 2 will be sold in Rs 2,999, while the Mi Sports Bluetooth earphones will be sold for Rs 1,499. At this moment, company did not disclose the price of Mi2-in-1 USB cable.

Xiaomi has said that Mi Men’s Sports Shoes 2 has a perfect balance of performance and style. It has been prepared through a un-molding process. It is designed specifically for men who travel more. It has been made from 5-in-1 Uni-molding technology. Under this 5 different materials have been combined. Who make it shock absorbent, durable and slip resistant.

The company has informed that the Fishbone Structure of Shoes gives it support to avoid any spray. For customers, this will be available in Shu-Black, Dark Gray and Blue color options. According to the company, it can be easily washed. On the other hand, talk about Mi Sports Bluetooth earphones, this single charge will last up to 5 hours. The company claims that there will be strong base and impressive audio performance. In addition, Mi 2-in-1 USB cable (30 cm) supports both the USB Type-C and Micro-USB output ports. In addition it has also been given quick charging fast charging up to 2.4A.

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