YouTube will discontinue its special feature from next month

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The popular video-sharing website, Youtube, discontinuing the message feature. From September 18, users will not be able to use the feature of the message. Let us tell you that in 2017 private message feature came on YouTube. Under this, users can privately message each other. But now Google has decided to remove it.

Google said on YouTube’s support page, ‘Two years ago we brought the feature of sharing videos on YouTube via direct message. Since then we have also focused on public conversation and updated it with comments, posts and stories.

Google has said that the company is constantly re-evaluating its priorities and this is how YouTube’s native direct message feature is being discontinue. Now the company will focus on public conversion.

If you want to keep the chat history of YouTube, then for this you can click on this link of Google and download it. Keep in mind that for this you have to log in with your account. Apart from this, you can also download it from the YouTube app.

Recently Google has also stopped some of its other applications. The trip planning app Google Trips has also been discontinued. With this, Google Allo was discontinued long ago.You will know about social media, Google Plus has been discontinued.

Talking about a second report related to YouTube itself, the company may end up targeting ads from YouTube Kids. The Federal Trade Commission is currently investigating whether YouTube has violated the Children Online Privacy Act. Settlement is also going on with the agency. However, the terms have not been stated yet.

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