11 Online Store Tips That Increase Sales!

Have you realized your online shop? Great, the first steps in e-commerce are mastered! We'll show you a few grips here on how to make more sales, thrill your customers and, by the way, rock your marketing! With these 11 tips and tricks in the quick-check, you will surely find the potential for improvement.

Tip 1 for more sales: Design your shop design!

The first impression counts and the second binds the customers to your shop. Put emphasis on the design of your appearance and even more on usability, also known as usability. A good look often helps, but "outside hui, inside pfui" is also a taboo at webshops. Pay close attention to the user-friendliness, otherwise, the customers will leave you quickly.

Tip 2 for more sales: Use professional product photos!

Put emphasis on high-quality product photos. Show your products from all important pages and take close-ups of exciting details. Nowadays, you can already take great pictures of your products with your smartphone. Here we show you in detail how to make professional product photos with your mobile phone.

Tip 3 for more sales: invest in your product descriptions!

When writing your product descriptions, always first think about who your audience is. Then customize your product presentation as best as possible. Find out what's important to your customers and look what the competition is doing. How does your product make your customers happier, healthier or more productive? Do not just sell a product, but sell an experience! More about product descriptions that really sell.

Tip 4 for more sales: offer different payment methods!

Not every customer has a credit card, and some customers prefer certain types of payment to others for security or convenience. If possible, offer the most popular payment methods in your online shop in order to bind your customers.

Tip 5 for more sales: Sell accessories in the online shop!

Has your customer just added running shoes to the cart? He may want to expand his running equipment. Maybe he needs new clothes or technical accessories like a jawbone fitness tracker. Let him find related offers in your online store.

Tip 6 for more sales: Care for more value in the shopping cart!

Offer the customer more expensive products instead of additional products. This big brother of cross-selling is called up-selling. The trick here is to lure customers with great deals and just make the price difference to the next better product so that it feels for little extra after the decisive performance more.

Tip 7 for more sales: Offer the customer stock!

For consumer products, which one must always buyback, it makes sense to sell a larger amount. If you offer the bulk pack a little cheaper in comparison, you have generated more sales and the customer is pleased with the advantageous price.

Tip 8 for more sales: offer bundles!

If you buy a tablet case, in doubt, a smartphone. And would like to pack both in the same look & feel? How about if you offer packages of matching products and also give a combined discount? Alternatively, by the way, you can also offer your customers to put together their own combinations.

Tip 9 for more sales: Use the packaging of your products!

For many customers, not only the product purchased is decisive, but also the attractive presentation and packaging. A special makeup, which appears high-quality or perhaps lovingly and hand-made, turns your customers into repeat offenders.

Tip 10 for more sales: Goodies for a successful sale!

Give your customers free samples of your products and inspire them with new offers. You can also supplement the item shipping with a few beautifully designed postcards of your shop. Or give away some sweets or other little gimmicks. Your customers will be happy and sure to remember your next shopping at your shop. Because little presents get the friendship!

Tip 11 for more sales: Offer coupons for your online shop!

The so-called coupon marketing opens up a wealth of opportunities to bind customers to your shop. Offer from a specific order value a value or discount voucher, which can be redeemed at the next purchase. In addition, offer gift vouchers; High quality designed, they are a welcome gift idea and the next customer will be aware of your shop.