5 tips for a budget-friendly Valentine's dinner

The most romantic day of the year is coming again. But do not panic: you do not have to pay half a monthly wage for a beautiful valentine. It may require a bit more creativity, but we can assure you that it will be so cozy on your unique, intimate date. We list the five best ideas for you.

1. An exciting start

Is it your turn to organize a romantic date? Let the anticipation begin before February 14 with an exciting invitation. Give small hints to the menu/film you want to see / the location ... A good start is half won! A practical tip: with a (hip!) Instax camera, you can take small instant photos. Photograph your tips and leave them behind in the house. A small effort for a big result!

2. On the menu

On the V-day nobody wants to work in the kitchen. Choose dishes that you can prepare in advance, order snacks that you have delivered at home or choose a gourmet or fondue dish, so you can 'cook together' together.

3. The location is crucial

Of course, you can also make it cozy at home. A few candles and a nice table decoration is a big step forward, but also dare to think out of the box. Serve a meal at the coffee table or picnic together on the carpet in your living room or bedroom. That other setting immediately gives an exciting twist to your dinner. For romantic decoration, check out the online leaflets as inspiration.

4. Private cinema

You change your own living room in 1, 2, 3 in a cozy cinema, where you can enjoy each other's company and 100% privacy. Choose a nice movie or series, close the curtains, crawl together and provide a portion of popcorn to finish your cinematic experience.

5. Back to reality...

Valentine falls this year in the middle of the week, but do not let that spoil you. Put your alarm clock a little earlier and try to have breakfast together for daily life again at full speed. A cup of coffee, fresh fruit juice or a smoothie, a delicious coffee cake and you and your lover, that should not be, right? And the best promotions for this, you will find in our brochures anyway. 

Do you have to look for inspiration for your Valentine's menu last minute? Then take a look at our website where you can consult the latest leaflets and offers. Good luck!