How to relieve heavy legs?

Venous insufficiency, poor blood circulation, we can all have heavy legs. But if the problem becomes recurring and heavy legs are not just a passing sensation, you may end up with varicose veins or even water retention. Not to mention the weakening of the veins which in the long run can be dangerous. Fortunately, treating the sensations of heavy legs is within the reach of all, and with a few simple actions, you can recover a good venous health.

Good habits in everyday life

Treating heavy legs comes first and foremost from a range of bad habits to eliminate, whether in the diet or sports.

A diet that promotes venous return

Many elements of our diet favor the heavy legs, increasing the phenomenon of dilation of the veins. Coffee, alcohol, and cigarettes are the main detrimental elements for heavy legs, as are spicy foods. We prefer vegetables and fresh fruits, especially bilberry and blackcurrant, which have positive effects on reducing the sensation of heavy legs. We opt for a water intake of two liters per day at least, to drain the body. Green tea has been shown to have beneficial effects on heavy legs.

Exercises to fight against heavy legs

Sports to be preferred in case of heavy legs are walking, cycling and all water sports; and we must also avoid sports that give significant jolts as is the case for squash, tennis or even fencing. In addition, you can practice exercises at home or even at work to fight against heavy legs. At home, one raises one's legs, or even places them vertically to raise the blood to the heart; at work, one makes discreet flexions with his feet and one stretches his ankles.

Coldwater, the ally against heavy legs

For fans of endless baths and hot showers, bad news. Hot water dilates the veins and decreases their performance. In contrast, cold water will improve blood circulation and give you tonic legs. For the summer, you can easily stay in contact with cold water, but for the winter, you can just spend a jet of cold water on the bottom of your body.

Heavy anti-leg treatments

The actions of everyday life are certainly effective, but if the problem of heavy legs worsens, here are some additional actions to overcome heavy legs.

Plants that relieve heavy legs

In essential oils, hydrolats or creams, some herbs can help you overcome heavy legs. The red vine is known to relieve heavy legs thanks to its waterproofing effect for blood capillaries. Gingko Biloba has antioxidant and anticoagulant properties and relieves the feeling of heaviness. The tannins and flavonoids contained in witch hazel will also have improving properties for blood circulation. We can also mention the Melilot which fluidifies the blood and Horse Chestnut which stimulates and protects the veins.


To decrease the feeling of heavy legs, massages can be of great help. The importance of the massage is based on the fact of raising the blood to the heart, so we must practice a massage that starts with the lower body and gradually back to the pool. If however, your heavy legs are so painful, simple manual pressures from the bottom up can do the trick, using suitable creams.

Choose your clothes

No, compression stockings are not exclusively reserved for great-grandmothers, there are now discrete that can fit under slim jeans, do not deprive you! If the compression stockings are effective for a good blood circulation, it is necessary to avoid at all costs the too tight clothes which will compress the blood circulation. Paradoxical no? We adopt airy clothes, even loose.