The 10 ultimate tips to save in the supermarket

When you want to save money, you automatically cut down on 'luxury goods', such as clothing, a trip or other fun activities. But did you know that you can also save a lot on your daily expenses, such as a supermarket visit?

Food and drink are basic needs, so we do not dwell on the amounts that we spend on this. After living, food is the most expensive cost of an average India family. With an average of 5000Rs per week or almost 1Lakhs per year, we spend around 13.2% of our budget on food and non-alcoholic beverages.

Do you want more in your shopping basket for less money? With our 10 ultimate savings tips, saving in the supermarket is a piece of cake.

Determine your monthly budget

Do you suffer from a hole in your hand? Determine at the beginning of the month the budget that you will spend on groceries. And keep that amount. If necessary, take cash money and leave your bank card at home. You can not spend money that you do not contribute.

Set up a weekly menu

By preparing a weekly menu in advance, you get cheaper. That way you can do more targeted shopping and prevent impulse purchases. Do not forget to check your storage cabinets before you go to the store.

Always store with a full stomach

Buys hunger, because suddenly everything looks good. Often you come home with very different messages than you actually intended to buy. Those who are hungry do not only buy more but also unhealthier and more expensive products.

Choose the right supermarket or hypermarket

Are you looking for specific products? Or would you like to make your choice from a wide range? Then you are at To you to pick out your favorite store.

Make use of the self-scan

By using the self-scan or by adding up the amounts of the products you put in your shopping cart, you keep a good overview of the total amount. And you avoid exceeding your retail budget.

Take a shopping list

Prepare a shopping list in advance that shows exactly what you need. Otherwise, you run the risk of buying products that you do not really need. At myShopi you can easily create a shopping list.

Compare prices

Keep an eye on offers via the  And buy larger packaging, because they are often cheaper. Did you know that the cheapest products are usually at the bottom of the rack?

Limit your supermarket visits to once a week

Because the more often you go to the supermarket, the more you spend.

Buy fresh, local and seasonal

Avoid ready-made meals. As a rule, fresh, unprocessed foods are cheaper and healthier. Imported products are more expensive than fruit and vegetables from us. You also support the local economy when you buy products from here.

Keep your receipts carefully

Missing is human, so always check your receipt after checkout. Keep all your expenses in a cash book, folder or Excel file. This gives you more control over your buying behavior. And you can adjust where necessary.

With the above tips, you can easily save hundreds of euros per year on your groceries. This way you can keep more budget for other fun activities!