The golden rules of couponing

To promote a site and make it attractive, the methods of yesteryear are not necessarily the worst. In recent years, the couponing has returned in force on the web: the good old principle of the coupon of reduction of the grocery district applied to the online sale. Some tips to make it a marketing asset and embark on an effective campaign.

Issuing coupons: for what purposes?

The promotional offers that are the coupons have the advantage of allowing to recover infidelity what one loses in reduction. Attract with a bonus and encourage to come back if the service or product supplied is good. By relying on those who already know you through a product, you can get them to discover another.

Faced with fears over declining purchasing power, it is an excellent marketing tool and a backup tool to extend an online advertising campaign. A banner mentioning a coupon generates a much higher click rate. 

Finally, it is a very inexpensive operation that offers a significant flexibility for a business leader: duration, period, product targeting and the effect of ads. The dematerialization of the e-coupon greatly facilitates its dissemination. It is still necessary to know where to make them accessible.

Where to issue coupons?

Knowing how to make your offers visible is a journey fraught with difficulties when you cannot display them in supermarkets or on its products. There are solutions to take care of your presence on the internet.

Make your site live

The first place of distribution of coupons must obviously be the site of the company. It is important to book promotional inserts and take advantage of consumer interest to fill out a customs form to learn more. This is a good way to capture regular customers and get their agreement (opt-in) to include them in a mailing list.

Make a smart mailing

If you have a well-supplied and well-targeted customer base, you can value a marketing mailing operation by including easily usable coupons. Choose a printable form if you have a physical store. Otherwise, use a unique code that the customer can enter at the time of purchase online.

What has to be done...

Here is an overview of the basic tips to apply for a successful operation:

Ensure that the coupon is easy to use: the customer must be able to assert it and not be able to blame you for such inaccuracy or lack of clarity in the duration of the offer.

  • Do not be content with this tool and include it in a more global strategy: use of social networks, sms, newsletter sending etc.
  • Temporize between campaigns to have perspective on the impact of the previous. They must not be too frequent and the coupons are too easy to recover, you run the risk of accustoming the customer and therefore to encourage him to wait for promotional offers.
  • Target with relevance: there is no point in dumping dumpers of coupons. Lists of interested customers, coupons deposited on sites inadequacy and a good analysis of ground report much more than a bombardment, which is often counter-productive for the image of the mark.
  • Know from the outset if you are looking for volume or if you bet on qualitative.

and what not to do!

  • To argue a nominal reduction: it is better to speak in percentages. Once issued, if you find that the offer is too generous, you can always change the price to restore balance. If you opt for a face value, make sure it stays fixed.
  • To think that the consumer is one and indivisible: it is necessary to know how to distinguish the compulsive buyers from the thoughtful ones, to make to coincide the cycles of life of the products to the capacity of the customers to buy some again. Therefore, publishing different offers can meet the nature of each consumer.
  • Devaluing a product when it is high value: The classic model of promotion or couponing with very low price is not necessarily the most relevant. The promotion must remain "premium", for example, a high-end sample that will then convert the customer.

The sector is certainly quite crowded but couponing is a powerful lever to strengthen loyalty and attract new customers. Issuing e-coupons must be a thoughtful action that is consistent with your company's strategy. If you doubt the quality of your couponing offer, agencies specializing in promotional will be able to take care of your campaign.