3 Tips on How to Help Product Reviews in Buying Decision

Whether technology or household, before buying I usually inform myself in great detail on the Internet. To be sure, to buy the right thing, product reviews in online shops or on private blogs are very helpful.

So that you can soon find suitable and good reviews for your favorite products, I give you in this article three tips on the hand, what you should consider.

Find product reviews

Product reviews in online stores

First, of course, you need a shop where you can find reviews. Unfortunately, especially with smaller and specialized online stores, you can search for quite a long time, as many buyers do not submit product reviews. The bigger the shop, the more reviews you will find. Most online stores offer a search feature that helps you find your product.

Product reviews via search engines

Aside from online stores, Google also gives reviews on your product search. If you search the search engine giant for your product, you often get an overview of reviews collected from different sources. So you always know in which shops you can enjoy the benefits of Trusted Shops, you can download the browser extension for Chrome and Firefox.

Product reviews from review blogs

Matching and slightly more detailed product reviews can be found in review blogs. Finding them is not hard at all. Are you, for example, interested in the first episode of the radio drama series Foster, just search Google for "Foster The Soul of a Demon Review", and in the first few places you'll find good product tests on blogs. If you are more interested in this topic, it will not hurt to rummage through your newly found blogs a bit.

Recognize fake reviews

Granted, some may be too pessimistic here, but unfortunately, there are occasionally fake reviews. Often, these fakes are too positive, so I recommend reading the reviews with four or three stars rather than with five stars. It may also be helpful to check if the reviewer has evaluated other products and if they are all from the same manufacturer or group of companies (such as Panasonic and Technics). And if you suspect that reviews might be fake, you should definitely report them to the shop owner.

Some shops also have lists of top reviewers that you can be sure the review really fits their own. But if we look at the issue with the fake reviews times sober, the following is noticeable: A manufacturer can indeed publish a few fakes, but there will always be people who have actually bought a product. You'll find mediocre or even negative reviews from real buyers in almost every case.

An indication, which clearly speaks against a forgery, is incidentally the "Verified Kaufe" lettering. Meanwhile, almost all shops offer this feature. Here you can be sure that the reviewer really bought the product.

Do not just read the headlines

It is also crucial that you know what is important to you about a product. A reviewer can give only one star for a smartphone, on the grounds that the camera is bad. The rest of the device can still be solid. If you do not care about the camera, this could be your new smartphone.

Many reviewers weight things differently than you. The author of the review may have bought a product for a specific purpose in which it will not work. But you can do something completely different, for which the reviewed article is very suitable!

My little conclusion

All in all, product reviews in online stores are probably the most direct way to get experience from owners of the desired item. Also, I inform myself in any case beforehand about what I buy - even for products in which it may seem little sense at first: For example, a record version of a popular album may be based on a bad master, or many buyers the cover was damaged. So if you look at a few small things when looking for reviews, a review can make a big difference to your buying decision - or protect you from a bad buy!

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—    Sahil Tanna