30 tips to get your first online sale

Your store is ready: you have added your product catalog, chosen the most appropriate design for your business style, configured payment and delivery methods ... And now? What should I do to get my first sales? We know that at the beginning it can be difficult to define a strategy, so today we propose a list of marketing actions so that you can discover your online store and get the first packages with your products to start coming out of your business.

1. Present your new online store to your family and friends

Practice your sales arguments with your family and friends, let them know your store and give you their point of view. Also, ask them to let your store know your friends, social network contacts ... this is the first key to start expanding the network of possible visitors to your store.

2. Distribute flyers

Flyers (or brochures) are an effective method of obtaining sales. In the digital age, print advertising is still a good way to differentiate yourself and reach your target audience economically. Choose well where to distribute them so that the result is relevant.

3. Be active in forums and online communities

Participating in online forums is an excellent way to reach your target audience. Enter the conversation giving solutions to possible doubts, always from your experience and knowledge of the sector, and not simply to advertise your product (which may be even negative).

4. Have a presence in social networks

Create a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page for your store. Take the opportunity that applications like GetSocial (analysis of the effectiveness of your posts , audience, etc.) or Hootsuite (management of several social networks from a single panel) give you to manage your social networks easily, quickly and effectively.

5. Participate in debates or conversations on social networks

You can search for potential customers on Facebook or Twitter. On Twitter, tweet attractive content, retweet and connect with subscribers. On Facebook, write comments on relevant pages or Facebook groups that are related to your sector or product. For example, if you sell kitchen items, join recipe groups or cooking schools.

6. Use LinkedIn to expand your network of contacts

LinkedIn is the most effective professional social network to develop the potential of your company. Take advantage of this opportunity and extend your network of contacts. Start by adding well-known people, companies from your sector, and professionals from your sector that you can meet at any time. Create a complete profile, join active LinkedIn groups and start sharing interesting content: links to your products, interesting content, videos, tutorials ... everything that may be interesting for your target audience.

7. Share photos on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most powerful platforms for online stores and the social network that most potential customers create. Share quality images with a good design, use hashtags well (always use 5 to 10 fixed hashtags to start being recognized by the audience) and organize draws in which the main objective is that the greatest number of people mention you sharing through regram (repost on Instagram) your images.

8. Make videos and post them on YouTube

Use YouTube as a tool for your business. Publish original videos, such as short videos of your daily work, your physical store, the production of the product ... Also publish videos of your products with links to the product page of your store. Also make videos about the use of the product, purchase guides, small video tutorials, professional interviews ...

9. Get in touch with bloggers

Contact active bloggers in your sector. For example, if you sell equipment for climbing, contact expert bloggers and send them your material so they can try it out and share their opinion with their followers (remember! It is essential that you do not condition your objective opinion, and that they share the link to your store) . This will help you reach a large audience and increase the fame of your store.

10. Launch your own blog

What if the blogger were you? Having a blog is an extremely effective means of attracting new customers. Write interesting articles that position you as an expert and do not forget to share them on your social networks.

11. Send newletters

The newsletters are an excellent means to retain your customers and to let them know your contacts about your product. Share with them promotions, new products, and everything that may be interesting from the customer's point of view. E-mail marketing is a very profitable form of advertising and each contact counts. To get new e-mails and add them to your list, use retention pop-ups (do you know our Justuno tool ?) And create sweepstakes through your social networks.

12. Install pop-ups in your store

It is the marketing strategy par excellence in the most successful online stores. Retention pop-ups are small dialog windows that appear when a customer is about to leave our store. We recommend the free application Sumo.me . that you will find in the App Store of your online store. Use it properly because, otherwise, it may disturb the visitor and cause him to leave our store prematurely and not return.

13. Add the link to your store in the signature of all your e-mails

Very easy to do and an excellent way to promote your online store and let you know new potential customers.

14. Increase traffic with SEO positioning

A good positioning in Google (or other search engines) is essential for potential customers to find you. Optimize your positioning by adequately describing your categories and product descriptions with relevant words. Always remember that interesting, original and quality content can help you a lot. In addition, it uses tools such as Google Trends to analyze the latest trends.

15. Launches online advertising campaigns

Google Adwords campaigns offer fast results and drive traffic from your online store. Sign up for Google Adwords, compare your positioning with your competitors, choose the relevant keywords and use phrases with incitement to action. Always remember that you must analyze the data obtained to optimize the following campaigns as much as possible.

16. Make a small advertising investment on Facebook

Your Facebook page can also help you generate sales. You can target ads sponsored by age, interest ... To create a Facebook ad or a sponsored post, first answer these questions: What do I want to sell? What makes my store unique? For whom are my products?

17. Sell in marketplaces

Proposing your products in product portals and marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay can help you promote your online store. Positioning your product in marketplaces you can benefit from its fame, its reliability and its wide reach, even outside our country.

18. Make it possible to buy from mobile devices

Having a store accessible from mobile devices will allow you to reach a greater number of potential customers. 20% of sales today are made through mobile devices. Therefore, make sure that your store has activated the display for mobile devices or that it is fully optimized.

19. Write press content

Take advantage of the impact of the press: write interesting content and send it to local media. If it works, you will get a great launch for your brand.

20. Distribute coupons and discount codes

Coupons are an excellent strategy to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Discover the type that best suits your business (discount in shipping, first purchase, by sharing with a friend ...) and adapt your strategy, You could, for example, distribute coupon codes on your social networks, in your newsletters , in flyers ...

21. Internationalize your business

An always topical advice: open the doors of your business abroad. Think that this aspect can bring you many advantages, especially if you sell a niche product or a Made in Spain product . But remember: your store must be 100% adapted to the potential audience of the country by translating the content and offering adequate payment and delivery methods.

22. Use Google Analytics

Spending time analyzing your store traffic is always a great investment. Discover, thanks to Google Analytics, what works best in your store, and optimize what you see that does not attract so many people.

23. Attend industry events

Local events are aimed at meeting people and creating a network of contacts. Do not miss the chance to meet suppliers, competitors, distributors of your product and promote your own company.

24. Join local organizations

Local associations of companies and merchants exist in almost all localities or autonomous communities. In addition, chambers of commerce always promote initiatives that allow you to meet other entrepreneurs like you and make your company known.

25. Sponsor an event

Think about dedicating a small part of your budget in advertising or promotion to sponsor a blogger event, your sector, etc. Choose the right event (For example, you sell artistic material, have you thought about collaborating in workshops of a design school?) And establish a Budget. Distribute your products or show them. In addition, you can distribute discount codes.

26. Position your products in physical stores

The face-to-face sale is extremely effective. Even if you only sell your products through your online store, dedicate a small stand in a store or make a sale per year in a pop-up shop, it can be interesting to receive directly the impressions of your customers. Do not forget to collect the e-mails of your visitors or suggest that they follow you on social networks.

27. Make noise

Congratulations! You just launched your online store. Why not celebrate it? An opening party does not have to be something exclusive to a physical store. Invite all those who have helped you, people from the sector in your area, potential customers ... An event always generates a "word of mouth" and, in addition, will allow you to share content on your social networks.

28. Offers a unique product

Differentiating can be the best way to develop your company, especially if you are in a very competitive environment. You can create your own range of products, your own concept: something different is always easier to sell.

29. Tell your story

Another way to differentiate yourself is to tell the story of your store. Make your clients who know a little more about you and your business, who know the human side and who understand your dedication. Choose the right words, be close, add photographs. Make sure that the page perfectly reflects the essence of your business and its values.

30. Make your visitor get excited

Trying to touch visitors at an emotional level to promote the purchase can be a very good strategy. Establish an emotional connection with them: you can transmit emotions through your logo, your design, your way of describing a product ... In addition, colors have a special meaning: yellow will be used to translate optimism, blue for confidence ... You can also post testimonials from other customers to demonstrate the closeness of your company to your client.

We hope that these 30 practical tips help you get your first sales. If you have your own advice, do not hesitate to share them with us in the comments.