6 tips for a successful advertising campaign

Do you realize your first prospectus campaign? You're not on your first try, but you want to improve performance?

Here is the procedure to follow to ensure the success of your operation.

1. Set your goals

You wish to put forward a promotional operation, communicate on a new offer? Create in-store traffic? Do you know or improve your image? If your goals are precisely defined, the following steps will be easy!

2. Identify your targets

The next step is to choose the recipients of the campaign according to different targeting criteria (geographical, behavioral or socio-demographic ...) so that your flyers arrive directly in the mailboxes of people most likely to be interested in your offer. The advertising copy is flexible enough to allow you, in case of doubt, to carry out tests on different departments or agglomerations in order to stop the most relevant target.

3. Compose a coherent message

Once your goal is defined and your target identified, you can choose the visuals and define the texts of your document. From the flashy yellow A4 page with an "Everything must disappear: - 70% on all the store" to the landscape format cardboard evoking an "Invitation to the discovery" for the opening of a new aesthetics center, everything is possible! You can also insert samples, a QR Code, offer a gift certificate or a promotional code to seduce the customer and also allow you to better evaluate the returns ...

4. Customize your print

If you manage several points of sale, it will be possible to adapt the message according to your geographical zones (urban or rural ...) Evaluate the relevance of an adaptation and determine what will have to be personalized.

5. Start by testing!

This step is also optional but will allow you, in case of doubt, to test the effectiveness of your campaign on several samples of recipients in different areas. If it works, you can generalize it; if it does not quite meet the objective, this test will allow you to rectify before deploying the campaign in its entirety.

6. Then analyze the results

After the campaign, it is imperative to draw up a quantitative assessment: was there more traffic in your store? How many additional sales have been generated? Calculate the profitability of the operation by dividing its total cost by the turnover to know the amount of the margin generated. Another interesting indicator in prospecting: the cost of acquisition (cost of the campaign/number of new customers). Remember all the criteria that will allow you to accurately identify your best customers and techniques to compare your campaigns over time and then determine your best practices.

That's it, you're ready! We wish you an excellent advertising campaign!

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—    Sahil Tanna