6 tips to manage your online store on holidays

Your online store has its doors open at any time and in any period of the year. The Internet does not know about schedules or holidays. This allows you to reach your customers and make sales at any time, but, on the other hand, it can be problematic when you need a vacation and disconnect from your business to resume it later with more force.

Do not completely close your online store.

If you configure the status of your store as "closed", it will not be visible and, therefore, will affect the SEO positioning you have so far. Therefore, remember that you should never close your store, even temporarily.

Reward those customers who have waited.

An idea that will surely please your clients and may attract new ones, is to associate a promotion with your holiday ad for those orders made in your absence, such as free shipping or a special discount.

Leave your store in the hands of another person.

If someone can replace you during your vacation, or at least partially, you can significantly reduce the delays in sending products. This will work perfectly if you have an employee or someone you trust who knows the process of your online store and can take care of it.

Actively inform your clients of your absence.

To adequately inform your customers and avoid problems or misunderstandings, it is best to show the announcement of the holiday period on each page of your store. In this way, you will avoid disappointment and claims. A banner with a good design is always the best option since it helps visually to receive the message.

Be totally transparent about delivery times.

Instead of preventing orders from being placed in your store, the best option is to report the longest delivery periods. In this way, those customers who want to place an order anyway, can do so and avoid losing potential customers. It clearly informs that delivery times will be longer.

Report well in advance.

In order to satisfy your regular customers, inform them that the delivery of your orders could suffer alterations in the terms normally applied. Let them know at least 14 days before and communicate it through the pages of your store, order confirmations, newsletter ...

It does not matter if you decide to allow customers to buy during your holidays or not, as long as you transparently report your absence and warn that the deliveries will be delayed.

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—    Sahil Tanna