6 ways to verify that your business and your marketing are focused on your customers

How do you go about staying focused on your customers? To be successful today, you can no longer water your audience with messages focused solely on your business. They will not only fall flat, but they will also be ignored.

Instead, marketing - and success as a small business - requires that you be completely focused on the customer. Here's a handy list to make sure your marketing method is focused on your customers:

Do you demonstrate that you understand the challenges of your customers? 

All your marketing efforts - blog posts, emails, newsletters, announcements - should address one or more of your clients' challenges. When a customer reads your message, he should be sure that you can help him.

Do you highlight the benefits rather than the features of your products?

Always emphasize clearly and concisely the reasons why you are simplifying or improving the lives of your customers. Once this is determined, you can then talk about the unique products and services you offer.

Do you ask for feedback?

As a small local business, it is extremely important to ask your customers for feedback to make sure that you meet their needs and expectations. When implementing changes based on feedback, let your customers know what changes you make, why, and how they will benefit.

Do you respond to comments and questions?

Marketing is largely about holding many conversations and building relationships, especially online. Respond to comments and questions that your customers ask you through social networks and your blog to show that you listen to them and consider their opinions.

Do you personalize your messages?

If you have not yet segmented your customers, do it. You will be able to refine and personalize your marketing messages, which will have a better echo with those you are trying to reach. After all, a 22-year-old woman who graduated from university is very different from a 50-year-old mother whose youngest child has just graduated from university.

Do you create a community?

A community is based on mutual respect, understanding and a desire for sharing, learning, and help. If you focus on your customers, you will build a community - and your business will be more successful in meeting their needs.

And what do you do to show customers that you care about them? Leave us your comments