7 techniques to launch promotions that convert

All online businesses know that promotions are one of the ways to generate sales, but some ... know better than others. The offer is a factor that, of course, will condition the conversion and the sales, but also the delivery, the moment of the promotion and the search of the opportunity. Be in the right place at the right time. To give you some ideas, Great Thomas of Just Uno has collected 7 techniques to launch promotions for your online store and help you boost the benefits of your business:

1. Create a mutually beneficial promotion

As you yourself know, it is essential to offer promotions that are attractive to your customers but also leave a profit margin for your business: discounts on only certain products, discounts on your entire catalog, 2 × 1 promotions, a sample of gift from of X euros of purchase, free shipping costs from X euros of purchase, etc.

2. Make decisions based on the behavior of your customers

Most consumers who buy online have predictable patterns that you can consider for future promotions:

Consumers prefer not to pay shipping costs: 73% of buyers say that free shipping costs are one of the main factors in the purchase decision.

56% of consumers abandon the shopping cart when they discover unexpected expenses. But just the opposite happens if they discover unexpected discounts! Even if the discount is small, it can significantly influence your purchase decision.

40% of buyers prefer to receive specific discounts to create a program of loyalty points. We live in a world where discounts and instant gratifications are expected. Satisfying the buyer's needs and making him feel special translates into a greater number of sales possibilities.

Choose a promotion frequency

This changes for each type of business, but it is also important to take it into account. It is possible that the intention to launch a promotion is longer in time or is strictly limited to some key dates. Regardless of what you decide, the traffic that arrives at your site should be directed towards the promotion you have launched: either through a pop-up window, a contest or a CTA (call-to-action) button: " Click here to see our new range of sandals! "

Make it easy for your customers

Eliminate obstacles and distractions so that your visitors focus solely on the purchase process. If you offer discount vouchers as part of your promotion, make the codes visible on your website: this will prevent visitors from leaving your store to check your mail or even end up marching to another online store.

It is also essential that customers have the option to finalize the purchase without registering, that is, as a guest user. This eliminates the commitment to leave your data initially. Think that in the end, if they end up buying, you will get their data anyway.

If you go to any reputable website, you will see that onsite promotions (included in the website) are quite frequent and are very associated with the brand. In fact, buyers tend to interact better with promotions that present visual appeal, words that draw attention and a strong call to action. Instead of using a generic promotion, take a few minutes to design a promotion that gets the attention of buyers! Do you need ideas? Take a look at these examples.

Mix and match

Keep your promotions in motion by combining them with each other (for different targets, for different landing pages, etc.). This will give you the opportunity to test what works best, what does not work and also allow you to initiate strategies for capturing leads (collect email addresses from your potential customers to be able to make other types of promotions).

Attract buyers at key moments

There are some key opportunities to attract buyers and generate conversions. The most obvious are when a buyer comes to your website and when a buyer is about to leave your website. With JustUno you can launch promotions to guide these two moments and increase the chances of sale and conversion.

You can, for example, notify buyers of offers or opportunities within 15 seconds after entering the store. Do you think that 15 seconds is very soon? According to several e-commerce studies, 55% of visitors leave a website after the first 15 seconds. To make sure that your visitors stay, you can activate a pop-up window or pop-up window that presents a discount or a special promotion if they indicate your email address.

You can also create an offer when your visitor is about to leave your website: "Are you leaving now? Subscribe now to our newsletter and receive exclusive offers! "This will boost the subscription of users to your database and will allow you to carry out dedicated promotions. This abandonment strategy has helped brands reduce abandoned carts by 30%!

With these tips, you can turn your promotions into real sales machines! Remember that there are multiple factors that intervene in the conversion of a sale and that the type of offer, consumer and moment are some of those that can not be forgotten.