Do It Yourself, Sell It Yourself: Make Money With Yourself

Whether you like to knit in your spare time, build furniture, restore antiques or make children's toys out of pipe cleaners - if you are just good enough in the Do-It-Yourself area, you will probably have already toyed with the idea of selling your homemade,

Here I tell you how you can have more success in sales and what you should pay attention to.

Private trading or notifiable trade?

In principle, you are classified as a trader if you trade regularly and thus earn revenue. Take as an example an old table that you sanded and oiled and you now want to sell on eBay.

If this sale is the exception, it is a private tax treaty. This generally applies to occasional sales, the tax office is indeed accommodating, but you should already have a sound assessment of your own trading. Especially if you are buying goods, processing and then continue to sell or always sell similar goods. Then you are always a trader.

Also, if you set up an online store on your own website, maintain a trade page on eBay or similar platforms, or rent a stand at the weekly flea market, you're officially a business owner.

In this case, you need a trade license, from a certain amount of sales (17,500 euros turnover/year) you must also calculate sales tax. However, you can then immediately claim this as input tax deduction when making purchases for your trade (such as purchasing materials).

You do not really have to worry about that in the first year, or if you're just a little bit on the side, but the important lesson here is that if you sell regularly and earn a lot of money, you're no longer considered a private trader.

If you are a worker and only want to make a little extra on the side, 600, - Euro per year is tax-free. Once these requirements have been met, you can focus on what you actually enjoy.

Sell better and more successful online

A small word of prudence preceded: Before you set up a website or pay someone to make you an online store, you should actually even critically examine whether the cost of your goods is worthwhile.

Nobody wants to take the fun out of working with wood, yarn or glue, but not for any ambitious hobbyist, selling is the right choice. Get feedback and compare prices on the internet.

In addition, you should find your unique selling point, that is, what sets your goods apart from the competition. Maybe you make beautiful coffee tables out of euro pallets, but that's what carpenter companies do.

It's about finding your niche. You're not supposed to compete for Amazon, but you have to offer something special.

With the technical equipment of your online shop, you do not need necessarily much know-how. You do not need to understand HTML, shopping portals like Shopify or WooCommerce make it easy to set up your shop.

Some shop systems like Jimdo's work on the building block principle and you have full control over your content. This is great when you make unique pieces because then you can quickly swap your products on the page to avoid displeasure.

Your website should not only clearly communicate the prices of your products, but also additional costs such as shipping fees and accurate delivery times.

Keep in mind that sites with their own hosting costs fees, which you should also consider when pricing. Also important is an accurate product description and high-quality product images for the aesthetics that customers expect on the net today.

With the inclusion of social media channels like Facebook and Instagram, you can increase your reach. Setting up a Facebook page or an Instagram account is also done quickly and requires no special knowledge.

In addition, you should not underestimate the meaning of the name, because the name is often the first thing potential customers will see. This is not only true when selling on the Internet. Even if you are looking for a stall at the flea market or your products are in shops in your neighborhood, you need a name with recognition value.

Ideally also a meaningful logo. After all, you have to recognize yourself and your brand - and, of course, get in touch with you.

If you want to avoid selling online, then you need a certain degree of regularity off-line to let your customers know that you're at booth 42 every Sunday.

Crafting, making, selling

Remember that in many cases your marketing does not have to be time-consuming. It depends on your ambitions, if you just want to earn some money with what you like to do or if you want to turn your hobby into a career.

In any case, today there are more ways than ever to monetize your Do-It-Yourself articles. But it has also become harder to stand out from the competition in the net.

It is important that you do not lose the fun of your work because earning self-determined money with self-made money should finally inspire you and not become a chore.