E-commerce: The Importance Of Human Relations

The original meaning of the term " shopping " refers to the exchanges and the construction of the social bond, well beyond a banal market transaction. In a world where technological innovation aims to simplify, streamline and re-enchant the customer experience, consumers are increasingly looking for a human relationship.

The human relationship: the 3rd way of shopping

The results of the study show that French consumers are looking for a return of human values in commerce. Indeed, 70% of them consider e-commerce dehumanized and this perception of a lack of sociality could be a brake on the act of buying on the Internet.

Nathalie Damery, Co-Founding President of ObSoCo, and Steve Bridgeman, CEO of QVC France, observe the birth of a " 3rd Way of Shopping ": a clever mix between physical stores, the digital and human relationship. How does this translate?

By humanization:

84% of French respondents believe that the human relationship, both with the merchant, the seller, the advisor or other customers, prevail when they make purchases. However, this appreciation is more marked for physical trade than for e-commerce.

By the exchange:

With the seller: for 96% of French women, it is essential to contact a consultant or a seller of the site in case of problems or simply for advice.

With other customers: 76% of women surveyed consider that it is important, before buying, to ask questions or seek advice from other customers of the site.

Consumers are therefore increasingly demonstrating a desire to maximize their customer experience both at points of sale (through human contact) and on e-commerce sites (through exchanges with advisors or even other clients).