How to have good reviews on recommendation sites?

Good reviews on referral sites have a double advantage: in addition to encouraging other customers to come and try your service, they are excellent for your local SEO! Whether on Yelp, Facebook, Lafourchette or Foursquare, discover how to get 5-star reviews and maintain your reputation online.

Pay attention to existing criticisms

It may sound obvious, but to get good reviews online, you can start by looking at the complaints of previous customers. Be receptive to the constructive criticism that you have left potential customers unhappy and try to correct the negative elements they have detected at home.

Ask your good customers for a review

If you have established a relationship with a customer, there is no shame in asking them to leave you a review on a recommendation site. Attention, do not ask him to leave you an exclusively positive comment, it would be perceived as manipulation! On the contrary, asking for a critique makes it clear that you are taking feedback into consideration. Indicate also the site where you want a criticism in priority (Yelp, Lafourchette, Tripadvisor, Facebook page ...).

Here, everything lies in the art of asking for a critique at the right time. It has to come naturally in the conversation, without being forced, for example after a customer has complimented you on the quality of the plate served when paying the bill, or in an after-sales service e-mail .

Being present on the web

Customers (especially younger ones) are sensitive to your online presence, even if it's not the heart of your business. You can use social networks (even if only 1 or 2 hours a week) to encourage them to leave a good review on recommendation sites. Similarly, if you have a website, put a link to your Yelp or Lafourchette page.

Respond to negative reviews

If a customer decides to burn you on a recommendation page, do not hide and answer: it shows that the company takes to heart the satisfaction of its customers. Never accuse the customer of dishonesty: on the contrary, if there is a misunderstanding on his part, defuse the situation as calmly as possible. Show understanding and thank him for his criticism. Depending on the sector in which you operate, it may be wise to contact the customer in direct message to try to understand his dissatisfaction, and why not propose him to reevaluate his opinion.

... and offer a quality service!

The last tip, perhaps the most obvious, is still good to remember: bet on quality is the best way to get positive reviews! Working hard to stand out from the competition is the surest way to rally customers to their cause and make them want to promote your brand, whether in real life or on referral sites.