How to make your online store more attractive

When we create an online store we set ourselves a first and only objective; attract customers It is obvious that this is the main objective of an eShop but there is a way to go before reaching that point. What do we have to take care of on our website so that it is effective and invite customers to continue looking at it or even to buy something?

Remember: Now consumers no longer seek to buy, they look for experiences.

Think about how you like to buy, or what attracts you when you go to buy something. If there is a product that you like, but the store where they sell it is messy, badly decorated or its dependents are unpleasant, one of two, or you will enter that product and only be forgetting the rest of the products, or you will not buy it directly. As consumers we no longer seek to buy things, we seek to live experiences. We like that store that smells good or the one that has a "hipster" decoration, or the one that gives you a perfume when you buy three pieces of clothing. A good offer is not enough if the experience is bad. And this also moves to online stores. There are no pages that you spend a lot of time browsing only because its design is cool? Now you are the seller, so use your experience as a consumer so that your customers enjoy buying in your online store.

Make your customer feel the product in their hands

The majority of people who do not decide to shop online expose as one of the main reasons they can not see or try the product. Therefore, your product cards have to be as detailed as possible. Remember that there will be no one next to the customer telling him the qualities of the product. Nor will anyone explain what you really wanted to say with that description, but that the client has misunderstood. You have to write clearly and directly, at the same time attractive, and without forgetting to add a touch of affection and the character of your brand. If you want to know more about how to make a perfect product card, click here.

With the images, quantity, and quality

With a single photo, it is also difficult to get used to the idea of what a product is like that we do not have in front of us. So it includes more than one photo per product, and do not forget that nobody buys the product from the ugly and dark photo. Take care of the quality of your images. A good idea if your brand has a strong personality has contextualized the products, giving harmony and unity to your website.

The amount of images and the angles of them is especially important in fashion articles, and it is important to have a guide to make them. In the case of items such as furniture, light plays an especially important role, making a precious product look awful and vice versa, so you have to take great care of the configuration of artificial light.

I do not mind paying more if the occasion deserves it.

The price is also an element that you have to take care of. Not necessarily the important thing is that the product is as cheap as possible since there are many customers who prefer to pay something more than normal if they know that their product is innovative, quality and/or exclusive. But if the price is high you have to explain why.

It is also important that the shipping costs appear in the product file, or the lack of them, and the "BUY" button is clearly visible. If there are shipping costs, it is better that you include it from the beginning, because otherwise, the client may feel offended if he discovers that the product came with a € 15 bonus. If the shipping costs are high your customers will appreciate that you give them a reason.

The end of the road, or the beginning of a long relationship.

If the customer has already added the product to the basket and clicked on the purchase, you have already had the most difficult time, but even then you can still back out. Many customers are annoyed that it is mandatory to register to be able to buy, or that they have to provide more data than is strictly necessary. That's why he asks only for what is fair and, if you want the buyer to register, do not force him to do so.

Offer it an advantage if it does, like a discount voucher. If you take care of your consumers in every purchase they make, it will be easier to build loyalty or even to become brand evangelizers. Do not forget that sometimes it is more important to keep the clients that you already have than to get new ones.

If you have polished all these aspects of your online website and you can start to increase your sales because you have a solid base. But do not forget to review and update this database so that it does not become outdated or repetitive. And you, what tricks do you use to make your website more attractive?