How to take advantage of Google My Business

After having cardboard in the United States, Google's My Business is becoming unavoidable in India ... This free service, aimed at local businesses, allows traders to make themselves known in their geographical area. For a restaurant, a salon or a store, discover how to profit from My Business to boost its turnover!

What is "Google My Business"

In 2014, Google unveiled My Business, a page that allows companies to gain visibility on local searches. And above all, it's free! Appearing on My Business, for a local merchant, has many advantages: appear at the top of the local search results, have a personal page with information, photos, reviews, appear on the Google map of the district ... From Plus, Google My Business offers merchants a bunch of detailed statistics just to analyze their traffic and understand how customers access their page.

How to put your local on Google My Business

My Business is a free service from Google (but you can buy advertising to be even more visible). To take advantage of the service, you must create the Google+ page for your business (you can type "My Business" on Google to access the registration page). You can then enter their basic information: address, description, contact data, services, and most importantly, good photos! By validating your website (if you have one), it can appear in local search results, which is great for gaining visibility in customers with high conversion potential. By adding a YouTube and Google+ account (optional), the My Business page allows you to centralize your online activity.

Should I use My Business if we already have a site?

Google My Business is complementary to the website. The service allows you to display less information, less freely: thus, an My Business page does not exempt from having a website. On the other hand, My Business plays the role of a concentrate of information that will appear on Google Maps or on Google searches (which is very difficult with a simple website, unless one is a god of SEO). My Business is a bit like a flyer, easy to distribute to all the customers who pass nearby, while the website is closer to a catalog, more complete, but more expensive and difficult to disseminate.

How to optimize your My Business account?

To optimize its visibility, we can apply some basic principles of SEO, without abusing it. The page must have a regular activity: Google likes status updates or comments. It is also advisable to use, in its statutes or description, the keyword that the user will seize to reach the trade: the expressions "massage exfoliating" or "Nepalese cuisine", if that is what 'it is, are to be repeated to capture most of the traffic from these searches, and win new customers.