How to use discount coupons?

Along with in-store promotions and immediate discounts on some products, you can save money with discount coupons. Discover how.

All means are good for saving money. There are those who use promo codes to have fun, those who jump on the least private sale of their favorite brand ... Beyond online sales, it is also possible to make good business every day, just by going to go shopping! So yes, there are the specials of each store, the products at the top of the gondola, discounts on products that are approaching their expiry date ... But that's not all. You can use thousands of discount coupons to save money on your everyday purchases. Does it tempt you? We explain to you how to proceed.

Where to find discount coupons?

There are mainly two types of discount coupons: those found in stores directly on products, and those found on the internet.

Directly on the products in the store

Without knowing it, you have already crossed numerous discount coupons while shopping. These are the labels found on certain products, which offer immediate discounts. By lifting the label, you can find a new barcode, which automatically applies a more or less significant discount on your product. The host (s) of crates do not always think to look at these labels, so do not hesitate to report it during your checkout! These discount coupons are however rare in stores. At least, they only appear on certain products, and in a very random way.

On the sites of major brands and specialized sites

The Internet is actually the first source of discount coupons. You can find thousands every day by searching the web. You may, however, have to sort through millions of results if you go through a general search engine. It is better than to turn to specialized sites or go directly to the sites of major brands. For example, on the Nestlé website, you will find discount vouchers on products from many brands: Maggi, Herta, Nescafé ... As at Danone, the Nestlé galaxy includes many food brands. By creating an account on these sites or by subscribing to their newsletter, you will not miss any good deal.

How to use discount coupons?

If your discount coupon is directly provided on the product, it is very easy to use. Just remember to report it at the checkout to avoid missing the discount. For coupons on the internet, it's a bit more complicated.


After finding the coupons that interest you on a website, you usually have to group them in the virtual cart provided by the site. Many sites offer you to create an account to benefit from this service. At least you know where to find your coupons! Otherwise, it's up to you to save them in a dedicated folder on your computer or tablet. You must then print the coupons you have selected so you can use them when shopping in the store.

Two solutions are available to you. First, you can only print the coupons you plan to use each time you go shopping. This solution is not necessarily suitable for busy people. Alternatively, you can print all your selection of discount coupons and store them in a dedicated box or pouch. You will have to sort them by date or product type so you do not get lost, especially if you have a lot.

Know that there are also mobile applications that allow you do not have to print the coupons. Danone, for example, provides an application dedicated to recipes and discounts, available on the App Store and Google Play. This way you will save on ink and paper!

Do not be too greedy

The cuts can save money, but that does not mean you have to have bigger eyes than your stomach. In other words, there is no point in printing hundreds of coupons if you do not intend to use them. Not only will you waste time, but you will also waste paper. Unless you are used to buying the product subject to discount, there is nothing to print the coupon in question. It will also prevent you from being overwhelmed by hundreds of pieces of paper.

Similarly, it is not because a product is in reduction that you are obliged to buy it in 10 copies! Saving is good, but spending smartly is better. There is no use of storage if it is to have to throw away expired products. Think of the planet!