How you can win against big competitors as a small businessman

If you are at the beginning of your online shop career, but it somehow does not run properly, you often germinate doubts. But there are some ways you can fight the big points.

Are my products good enough? Are you wanted and will you find paragraph? But above all, do I have a chance against merchandise and sales giants that have an obvious advantage with marketing budgets and ridicule prices? The answer is quite clear: Yes! You just have to pay attention to a few points. And think of the story of David against Goliath.

A small digression: David against Goliath stood opposite to the Bible; The battle to end lay in the power of a hühnenhaften Philisters, big, Strong, camphor rehearsing: Goliath. The schmächtigere David emerged from the ranks of the Israelites, armed only with a slingshot and a pebble. His advantage lay in his knowledge. From afar, he could only put the muscle giants out of action with a stone – targeted at the opponent's head. So the result is: Head > muscle.

Customers are emotional. And that's good.

The first and most obvious advantage is your proximity to the customer. And even though you may be mumbling now: "The big one has a thousand customer advisors and can respond to their customers." Then you should bear in mind: Never underestimate the emotionality of the customer. We are all human beings and as good as all have the need to be socially perceived. As a small businessman, you have the opportunity to respond to the wishes, questions, and needs of your customers as quickly and individually as anyone else. You can build a personal bond and this is much more important than a large assortment. You rededication your customer faster answers and more flexibility. Not only when it comes to returns or missing sizes. So we get to the next point.

Flexibility! As a small business that does not depend on long distances between customer and product development or on market research institutes for improvement, you have the possibility to react quickly at any time. You realize a product is particularly good? Something does not work for the order processes? Customers ask the one again and again? Or is it only: a customer asks for goodwill when returning? As fast as you can, a commodity giant cannot readjust. You offer an unbeatable service and can strengthen your personal bond.

In the end, this again points to the point of emotionality. Those who rummage in a fine web that offers exceptional, loving or innovative products cannot be an emotional stone that buys things indiscriminately. No, he is pleased when he is perceived as an individual by the shop (operator) and treated as such.

The offline advantage

Perception also leads us to the next point: commitment; Above all: regional commitment. Your advantage as a small business is your personality and your will to make your shop and your products successful. For this, you have to be not only virtual engaged but in the best case also on site, in real life. A steep template offers regional products or generally location-based shops. Be on site, show presence and make contacts – a pure goldmine. First of all, the big goods giants remain closed! No one knows better than you the peculiarities and insider of your region. You can incorporate this knowledge directly into your shop and customer care. Find partners, build networks. The cooperation of many small entrepreneurs and self-employed is a great advantage. This allows you access to target groups, more publicity, and precise work.

What might have been done so far are points like individuality and peculiarity? The fear that a product is not accepted can hardly take you. But you don't have to reinvent the wheel! You're not supposed to imitate anyone. Whether in a shop and its products are the lifeblood and thoughts, most customers notice very quickly. Find your specialty, because less is often more and establish yourself and your products.

With individual texts at Google points

The best way to do this is to design your shop and your product texts. While large shops often use mass texts or even copies of merchant pages, you can score with individual product descriptions (see our instructions). This not only appeals to readers but also to Google. In addition, as a shop, you can become an exclusive distributor for certain products. Small suppliers are usually not able to serve large customers and thus open the field for small business owners and specialists like you.

In summary, I advise you: specialize, be human and tangible to your customers. Use your advantages: customer proximity, flexibility, fast service, personality on site and on the net. And if you ever come across the doubts, think of the image of Amazongründer Jeff Bezos in the year 1999. He also started small times.

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—    Sahil Tanna