Online shopping knowledge: everything about revocation

Online shopping is convenient, comfortable and modern. And as long as dealers and buyers are in sync, everything runs smoothly. Not even the terms and conditions we have to read more (admit it, you really do not do it) - until it comes to the big dispute. Withdrawal rights and duties? Never heard! That's why I summarized the most important points in the case of a return for you.

Your rights and obligations in case of withdrawal

Meanwhile, there are a lot of laws on the subject of withdrawal rights and obligations of online shopping. Unfortunately, as a consumer, you are far too seldom informed about the most important facts. With the help of the following four points you always have a little guide to the side, should you have any questions about revocation?

What does revocation mean?

By revoking an online purchase contract can be reversed. This will then return the contract goods (return of the product) and the refund of the purchase price result. About the possibility of a revocation, the consumer must be informed in a revocation of the dealer. If this instruction about the right of revocation is not correct, the right of revocation of the customer automatically extends to one year and 14 days.

Forms of withdrawal

The revocation does not necessarily have to be in writing, it is not bound to any particular form. However, the written form is recommended, as the burden of proof lies with the buyer, who therefore would have to present a witness, for example, when withdrawing by telephone. The revocation does not have to be justified. In general, companies are not allowed to charge for calls to more than a call on a landline or mobile phone number in the case of calls involving a contract that has already been concluded. Cancellation declarations or the assertion of warranty rights over value-added numbers are therefore unlawful.

Rights and obligations

If the consumer has revoked the contract in due time, he will have 14 days to return. Also for the refund of the purchase price is a period of 14 days. However, the merchant may refuse to pay back until he has received the goods or evidence of dispatch by the consumer. If the goods have suffered a loss of value due to a handling that was not necessary to verify their characteristics, nature, and functioning, the consumer must pay compensation - but only if properly instructed. If the goods are lost or damaged on the return transport, the dealer is liable if the buyer can prove the shipment.

Cost of return

The cost of the return must in principle take over the consumer if he was instructed correctly and the entrepreneur has not agreed to bear the costs for this. The simple delivery costs will be refunded to the consumer. The repayment of the purchase price is made with the same means of payment (credit card, EC, PayPal) of the purchase, unless otherwise expressly agreed. A refund as a voucher does not have to be accepted by consumers.