This is how your website or online shop can seriously affect customers

There are some basic things that should be considered before presenting a company's website to the public. One of them is to make them look as trustworthy as possible. Here are two important things you can do:

The design is more important than you think

Have you ever come across a website whose design reminds you of the early days of the Internet? Or did you ever want to make a payment in an online shop and have asked yourself because of the unprofessional-looking design, if your payment data are safe at all?

The design of a website makes a huge difference: good design is one of the most important foundations by which you can create customer trust. Much of what we do on the internet happens because of trust. Unfortunately, all too often we have to rely on our feeling when it comes to the security of a website.

Therefore, a website that has obviously put a lot of work into a well thought-out and sophisticated design seems far safer for us than one with the unprofessional design.

It may be worthwhile hiring either professional web designers or using a kit system like WordPress, Weebly, or Wix that provide aesthetic and solid templates. Although designing a website can be easy, there's usually a lot of work behind it. For example, it is planned exactly where certain items should be placed so that they can be more easily clicked or seen by the customer.

Security certifications create security

Network security is an important issue for most people. Through security certifications and reviews on your website or in your online store, you can show that you are a reputable company that is trustworthy.

With payments, customers probably want to feel safest - so there are a few ways to show that this process is especially well protected.

The seal Verified by VISA is a great way to show this to Visa customers. It is an extra protection from the provider VISA. Since not every website offers this service, you can positively attract attention. The Verified by Visa sign will then appear on your website. There is also MasterCard® SecureCode and the like.

Depending on the industry, there are also different certification options, here are some examples:

Trusted Shops is a popular certificate that confirms that it is a reputable website because the company behind it makes demands on companies that are allowed to keep the seal.

In addition, Trusted Shops ensures that not only the customers give feedback, but also ensures that this feedback is promptly answered by the certified shop. In addition, Trusted Shops offers its members legal advice and mediates between customers and shop in case of dispute.

The Blue Angel, in turn, is a certification that says that a company works environmentally friendly and is widespread and very well known, especially in Germany.

Another relatively simple way to work professionally is to include Google reviews on their website. This makes a company not only reputable, it is also very important for the ranking on the Google search page. Public key certificates confirm the identity of the owner of the website and make it look professional.


It is always better to put some work into the presentation of a website and to learn about certifications. Ä. To inform, as the one or other customer or reader unnecessarily deter.

In this case, the effort to obtain a certificate, a rating or the like is usually relatively low and the providers are usually very courteous. So it can be very worthwhile to think about how to make your site more trustworthy.