Top 5 annoyances during shopping

Shopping list or loyalty card forgotten, endless rows, unfriendly shop staff, too friendly shop staff, ... Everyone has his annoyance when shopping. We list the main annoyances and the myShopi way to tackle them. Because there is a solution for every problem, right?

"Help, I forgot my shopping list!"

This sentence probably sounds familiar to you. You have made time to set up a balanced weekly menu, including accompanying shopping list, but when you are in the store you suddenly realize that the list is untraceable.

Tips: Do not make your list anymore on a piece of paper. Go for an online shopping list that you can suddenly share via your computer, tablet or smartphone.

"Help, I forgot my loyalty card!"

Another sentence that you probably hear familiar. In many shops, no loyalty card does not mean a discount...

Tips: Keep all your customer cards in one convenient app. Free, easy and indispensable.

"Help, I'm in the queue at the checkout!"

Saturday morning, Wednesday afternoon or evening, just before closing time: these are the most popular moments to go to the store. The result: endless rows at the cash register. In the Americas, many supermarkets are open 24 hours a day, but in India, there is no such arrangement to be made immediately...

Tips: Shop online, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. We already buy our clothes and home accessories online, so why not online supermarket shopping? That's why you can find here all collect & delivery services of our supermarkets in a row.

"Help, the shop assistant wants to help me!"

It is well meant, but most of us like to go shopping in peace without being chased by helpful shop ladies and gentlemen. The same group includes those who abhor a fitting room and who are completely disgusted by the salesmen.

Tips: You can also find the perfect outfit by ordering multiple sizes of one item online. You keep the size that fits, the other can (usually) be returned free of charge. If you go online shopping, first check whether the shop of your choice gives discount codes or online shopping promotions.

"Help, I'm not prepared!".

Nothing as annoying as in the supermarket without a clear "battle plan". Your eyes will shoot in all directions at the sight of so many choices. You also have absolutely no idea what you have to cook again this week ...

Tips: Browse the supermarket folder at home to get inspiration before you go to the store. When you see the products in the folder, you suddenly remember that you need a new can of detergent and that you made the last eggs yesterday. And you can coordinate with your housemates what they want to eat this week. Road choice stress!