What are paid coupon campaigns?

A coupon is a gift from a company. A paid coupon campaign refers to the provision of exclusive coupons for a fee.

Actually, everyone knows them, coupons! They are considered a popular marketing tool to boost the sale or sale of products. The use of coupons also offers many more options. Be it discounts on special products and entire product groups or free shipping when shopping online.

Many online shop owners or advertisers are increasingly providing bloggers like you are with exclusive coupon codes. You can then publish these coupon codes explicitly on your blog, the associated Facebook page or in blog-related newsletters and pass them on to your readership.

How does a paid coupon campaign work?

So that you also know the processes of a campaign.

In the event that you've never come into contact with a paid coupon campaign, we'll explain how this campaign works. You will learn all about the background of such a campaign and, of course, we will explain exactly what you need to do to successfully participate in such a campaign.

Step 1: Where can I find the vouchers?

The coupon issuer, the voucher, and the request!

To participate in a remunerated coupon campaign, you must first register with your blog on our platform Boggercontent.de. If your blog is shared after a manual review, there's nothing in the way of a paid coupon campaign. Log in to your customer account.

In your dashboard is located in the navigation bar our so-called "campaign tab". Here you will find all current campaigns, clearly arranged in individual categories.

If you found a coupon campaign that fits your blog, click on it and follow the instructions.

Step 2: Coupon details

The small but fine details of a paid coupon campaign!

The campaign details list all the important information about the voucher campaign you have selected. In addition to the term of such a coupon campaign, of course, the amount of your compensation and the type of remuneration and other important details.

The respective conditions of individual coupon campaigns must be adhered to and accepted. Only after your confirmation of the campaign-dependent conditions, you will be provided with appropriate advertising media for inclusion in your blog.

Step 3: Choose coupon and integrate

The presentation of the installation determines the success!

From the numerous vouchers available you are looking for the right coupon for your blog. This coupon and the corresponding link you build directly into your blog or in the associated topic-relevant contribution. You can apply for the new coupon promotion immediately and profitably for you!

Step 4: Commissions have been incurred

All commissions incurred must be confirmed, canceled or partially canceled by the advertiser within a certain validation period.

This period amounts to a maximum of 60 days, after which all commissions are automatically validated by our system and will be charged. Once the commissions are valid, the customer must pay for them and we will pay you all the commissions that have been paid every Monday.