20 famous quotes and sayings about saving

Phrases and sayings about saving

  1. By saving money, people are willing to pay any price. (Lawrence of Arabia)
  2. A penny saved is a penny earned. (Benjamin Franklin)
  3. Buy only what is necessary; the superfluous, although it costs only a penny, is expensive. (Lucius Annaeus Seneca)
  4. The best way to save money is not to lose. (Les Williams)
  5. If you add the little to the little and do it often, it will soon become a lot. (Hesiod)
  6. Saving is a very beautiful thing especially when your parents have done it for you. (Winston Churchill)
  7. Take care of small expenses; A small hole sinks a ship. (Benjamin Franklin)
  8. Never spend your money before you have it. (Thomas Jefferson)
  9. I have enough money to last me the rest of my life unless I buy something. (Jackie Mason)
  10. Always spend one coin less than you earn. (Cesare Cantú)
  11. Money grows in the tree of patience. (Saying)
  12. The man who knows how to spend and save is the happiest because he enjoys both. (Samuel Johnson)
  13. A bargain is not a bargain unless it's something you need. (Sidney Carroll)
  14. The richest of all men is thrifty; the poorest, the miser. (Chamfort)
  15. The road to wealth depends fundamentally on two words: work and savings (Benjamin Franklin)
  16. Saving is not just saving, but knowing how to spend. (Saying)
  17. If you want the money you do not lack, the first you have do not spend it. (Saying)
  18. There is no better saving than little to spend. (Saying)
  19. Who lives with more relief is not the one who has more, but the one that manages well how much or little it has. (Angel Ganivet)
  20. While you can, save for old age and need, because the morning sun does not last all day. (Benjamin Franklin)

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