5 Tips for Saving Money After Grocery Shopping

A holy diet does not have to be expensive. You can stretch your food budget and save on cooking by following these simple tips.

1. Make the most of cooking oils

  • Allow the vegetable oil that has been used for frying to completely cool before passing through a coffee filter or fine sieve and return to a bottle for recycling. If it has been used at a sufficiently high temperature, it will not have picked up food flavors and can be reused.
  • The oil used for frying fish must always be separated.

2. Just a cup of tea

  • When making tea, boil only the water you need instead of filling the entire electric kettle.
  • Much of the energy is wasted by simply boiling too much water.

3. Put a lid on it

  • Speed cooking time by covering pots and pans with an airtight lid. To make a loose cover tighter, put a sheet of aluminum foil under it.
  • Make sure the base of the pan covers the electric or gas element so that heat cannot escape to the sides of the pan.

4. Cooking meat

  • One hour before cooking, take large roasts, whole chickens, or turkeys out of the refrigerator so they are at room temperature. If the center of the meat is cold, it will take longer to cook.
  • If a roast or casserole is to cook for more than one hour, start cooking in a cold oven and cook for the specified time, then check to see if it is cooked. Use preheating only for baking. Pressure cookers reduce cooking time by up to two-thirds. They are better than microwaves for tenderizing hard meat pieces and for cooking large quantities.

5. Kill two birds with one stone

  • Cook steaming quick-cooking vegetables in a basket on a pot where you boil slow-cooking vegetables, such as potatoes, to avoid having to light a second fire.
  • To heat, the oven costs the same price as you cook two servings or 10 - optimize the heat of the oven by cooking several dishes at the same time. This is particularly useful for cheaper cuts of meat that require long slow cooking.

Using your kitchen at its maximum potential not only saves cooking time but also saves money. In this way, dinner can be on the table faster and your wallet a little fuller.

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—    Mihika Iyer