How to make an economical grocery list in 5 steps!

I can already hear people telling me that they already know how to make a grocery list ... yes, but are you really using it to save money? Some people do not buy and buy everything they want on the shelf while others make a list so you do not forget anything. g. It's nothing wizarding, I hope it will inspire you. Note that for fans of coupons and good markets that fill their reserve, this is not the most optimal technique, I'll talk about it soon!

1. Develop weekly menu

First, I create a one-week menu that includes lunches, snacks, and dinners. I try to hold on to this menu of the week and I will go to the supermarket only once a week. So I write my menu, in the form of a list, I try to plan the dinners that will give me leftovers that can be used for dinner afterward.

2. List the ingredients

When my menu is set, I make a list of the ingredients/foods I will need this week to stick to my menu. With the list, I check the contents of my pantry, refrigerator, and freezer. I do not know what to buy before I put my shopping list.

3. Consult the flyers of the supermarkets.

The goal is simple, locate the specials according to your shopping list. Personally, I look at where there are the best prices on the items I have planned to buy, it allows me to do my order at one place (I'm not a fan of all the supermarkets to go buy this item to a penny less elsewhere ... Some have the time and will order in 4 major chains to have the best of the best prices, but for those who like me run after their time, a single command at one place can be good enough if you are well prepared).

4. Find the applicable coupons.

I take my list and I look for coupons applicable on the purchase of a product that I will buy. I take the time to find my coupons, print them, read them well and know what to expect when it comes to discounts.

5. Count (budget)

It is now easier for me after this research to calculate the approximate amount of the order I am about to make and so I can check if it suits my budget or not. If it's over budget, it's easier to review the list calmly at home and take out what is possible rather than return it to the cashier under the pressure and stress of the cashier and the people. who is in line behind you.

  • What you need to remember, even if you do not follow my technique is that making a weekly grocery list, budgeting and limiting it can help you avoid;
  • wasting food, especially fruits and vegetables that can sometimes be bought too much.
  • make impulsive purchases of food falsely on sale.
  • exceed your budget for groceries
  • multiply your grocery and convenience store visits because of unnecessary forgetfulness
  • waste your time at the grocery store ... you know when we're looking for a meal at the grocery store that we go around in circles and we end up buying something fast and quick.
  • forget to apply a discount coupon that could save you money.

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—    Mihia Iyer