Take care when shopping with special offers

Many stores have items advertised as special offers. Thinking and calculating must begin already. Everything that has been made cheaper does not necessarily have to be cheaper. There are many examples that prove that. It starts with the different contents and sizes and continues on the quality. Also, you should pay close attention to the expiration date.

Special offers in the form of "take 2 and pay 1".

There are some of these offers that do not have to be bad but watch out and calculate exactly.

1. How big is the content? 

2. When did the goods expire on the expiration date? 

3. Is the price really lower? 

4. Do you need more of the article? 

5. Can food be consumed before the expiry date?

It is even advertised with up to three parts, with only one must be paid. Especially with these really generous offers caution is always announced. The most important thing is the content, which may differ from the normal package. You do not only pay the price of an article, but also the half price of the second one. At first glance, you save half the price, but when the content is reduced, it could even out. Even with the expiry of the goods in the food is that a thing. It does not help a lot, even if it is cheaper at first glance when a part gets bad. A larger amount of perishable goods can not be used up right away and may end up paying for something that has become inedible.

Two or more pieces in a package at half price.

But this offer is also available for articles that could be called commodities. For example, toothbrushes, which are in three-packs but are very cheap. Since one asks oneself the question, how is the quality? Do these toothbrushes last as long as something expensive?

You can also refer to other consumer goods that have a certain quality. It does not help you a lot if the item quickly becomes defective and eventually becomes more expensive. So as a conclusion one would have to say, even if the double number of the commodity is offered for the price of one, it does not necessarily have to be cheaper. To be on the safe side, carefully check all the information on the packaging.

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—    Mihia Iyer