5 simple steps to a healthier lifestyle!

How to stay in good physical and mental condition in the winter? It is not easy when the day is short and the only thing we dream about is to fall into a winter sleep. Disturbing may be reports of smog, and even warnings, so as not to leave the house because of that. With the rest, probably many of you spend most of the day at work. There is not enough time to take care of yourself - little sleep, poor diet and sedentary lifestyle are conducive to the development of civilization diseases, and in the first place worsening mood.

Diametrical change of lifestyle may seem unmanageable and terrifying, so it is worth using the small steps method. Big changes start with small things, do not you?

15 minutes of movement a day

Living in a continuous run, hours of sitting at the computer, driving a car, and then an evening on the couch - sounds familiar? We know that sometimes it is difficult to find time for any sport, and after work, it is often so tired that training is the last thing you want. But! The passage of just a few hundred meters every day is changed into kilometers in the perspective of a month. Park the car a little further from work, get off one tram stop earlier, assume that every day at 12 go out for a 15-minute walk ... These few minutes will affect positively not only your body but also an attitude to the world.

Protection against smog

Well, but what if the state of air in your city is so alarming that the walk may hurt you more? There are products on the market that effectively protect you against contaminated air. Unfortunately, in the winter the air quality deteriorates from year to year, so you should not hesitate to buy an anti-smog mask. On the other hand, air purifiers will help in cleaning the flat from dust and dust. Your lungs will thank you for that.

A healthier diet

We strongly encourage you to reduce the number of overtime hours. However, we know that when the deadline is approaching, you can not just leave and leave your project unfinished. Over time we often occupy fast-food eating and a small amount of sleep. If you happen to come home late and discover that the fridge is empty, you know how frustrating it is. A good way to prevent such situations is to do grocery shopping online. Just a few clicks to choose everything you need and order a home delivery. Auchan Direct offers such a service. If, in addition, you live in Warsaw, you will be entitled to a free delivery with our rebate code on request from PLN 150. This is a very good option for all riders because the order can be placed 24 hours a day, and the delivery should be planned as you want. Save money as you save time because it is easier to control the contents of the basket, the amount to be paid and refrain from adding unnecessary products.

Small Pleasures

In a healthy body, healthy mind. After entering more traffic and a healthier diet, you should notice a difference in body fitness and well-being. However, it is also worth taking care of the hygiene of the mind. Do more often what puts you in a good mood. You can not go to warm countries. Focus on what you can do. Favorite music, fun comedy, meeting with friends - and what stimulates the production of endorphins in you? Whatever it is, try to put it into your life regularly and do not let yourself be caught in a loop of bad thoughts.

Good company

In the group more clearly. If you can not mobilize yourself for a move or a healthier diet, ask for support from a friend, brother or a friend from work. Maybe someone is just waiting for an impulse to change something in their lives too? Together it will be easier for you, but - the important thing, do not look for excuses, just approach how to challenge, and treat every small change as a small victory. In the end, it has to improve your mood, and not make you feel guilty.

And what are your ways to a healthier lifestyle?