How to wear makeup after 50 years?

Makeup is used to beautify the face. Thus, for decades, you have become used to makeup in one way and not another. However, past a certain age, putting on makeup in the same way that in our youth can age us even more. So, let's see what mistakes of make-up must be avoided at all costs, and what makeup to adopt after 50 years.

The complexion

The complexion is the basis of all good makeup. But, for the fifties, it is necessary to avoid certain traps and the development of the complexion passes by a very specific ritual.

Errors to avoid

To know how to make your complexion after 50 years, you must know what are the mistakes not to commit. First, it is necessary to abandon foundations that are too thick or too thick! Indeed, instead of covering the imperfections, they will bring out the wrinkles, all that we try to avoid! In the same way, avoid the powders for the complexion, which will also age even more the face. Also, another basic mistake that fifties often make is to put blush ... after 50 years, the blush, we forget, on pain of looking like a clown. 

How to enhance your complexion?

For a uniform and natural complexion, it is better to use a moisturizing foundation applied in small layers preferably with a brush. Thus, it does not accumulate in fine lines and does not accentuate them. However, watch out for the hue you choose! Many women, of all ages, tend to take shades darker than their complexion, believing that it will give them a tanner complexion. But the result is not at all natural, especially after 50 years. Be sure to get advice for the shade.

The eyes

Eye makeup is the most delicate part when you're getting older. Be attentive! We give you the keys to perfect eye makeup!

Errors to avoid

The first mistake to avoid is to opt for makeup too dark that hardens the eyes, like kohl or eyeliner. Above all, forget the makeup below the eye. The same goes for mascara! Avoid at all costs the mascaras that thicken the eyelashes and weigh them down. If you put black mascara, make sure to put a little layer on it. Banish eyeshadows too flashy. Just like glittery or iridescent eyeshadows, which will bring out the wrinkles for sure.

How to highlight his eyes?

To substitute the pencil or eyeliner, use a bevel or shade brush, and apply eyeshadow in a light streak to avoid hardening your eyes. Also, choose brown or gray shades lighter than black. Choose light, and if possible, brown or natural colored mascaras (and even transparent if you wish). Matte eyeshadows are preferred, preferably in powdered tones. But be sure to apply it evenly!

The Lips

After 50 years, the lips lose their luster and their volume. In order not to underline these phenomena, there are some rules to respect.

Errors to avoid

The first mistake not to commit lipstick too dark, too fuchsia, too glittery or iridescent. If you are a lover of lip pencil, do not choose a dark one, which will make a very unattractive demarcation on lips that have aged.  

How to highlight his lips?

To make your lips appear fuller, choose a lip contour pencil of the same color as your lips or your lipstick, which you will fade slightly with a brush so that it does not notice. Choose natural and bright colors, reds are allowed! The gloss is a good option to highlight the lips after 50 years, by placing it in the middle of the lower lip only.

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