6 Styling Tips For Home Accessories

Home accessories give your home its own look. But why does it look so stylish for one person and does it look messy for the other? Styling home accessories can be a big challenge. There is an infinite choice. How do you choose the right home decoration? And how do you mix and match all accessories into one beautiful whole? Below we give some useful tips!

Choose your color

Determine your color palette. By returning the same colors you create unity. Choose colors that are close to each other for a quiet whole, such as pastel shades. It is nice if you have one main color coming back through your entire interior. This can also be a striking contrast color.

Strong together

Combine different accessories and place them close to each other: that's how it looks as a whole. For example, hang different sizes of photo frames on the wall (instead of a list on each wall) or put different accessories together, such as vases, candle holders and a photo frame with print.

Less is more

Do not worry too much. In general, you choose the best for groups of 3 to 7 accessories. Sometimes even one big eyecatcher is enough to revive a shelf or table. Choose striking accessories that match well in color.

Play with format

Combine accessories of different sizes. For example, you can place a large photo frame with some smaller accessories. The best thing is to opt for a 'cascade' whole, in which you work from high to low.

Strong piece

By combining different materials you create exciting contrasts. For example, choose a knotted cushion in combination with a velvet cushion. Or a glass vase combined with a robust candle holder.

Variation in shape

A form also helps to make your accessories into a beautiful whole (round shape and rectangular shape). Choose everything accessories in the same shape or all in a different form.

Whatever your style, with a nice mix of accessories, you showcase a piece of yourself.

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—    Shweta Agrawal