How to create your workspace at home!

Back to school is back! If you want your child to succeed in school, it's important for them to have a place to study in peace and focus - without distractions. It is essential to have a quiet space to work effectively.

Whether you are installing a desk in your child's room or in an office space, there are some things you can add to make the space more comfortable and convenient.

Decorative message board

Take a cork underpads, cloth, elastics, and brooches and start decorating! Add small notes, checklists, checklists and hang the bulletin board near the desk. That way, your child will never miss an important assignment!


An effective workspace should have a schedule. Use either a whiteboard or a small weekly calendar to record the duties that are due, exam dates and even social, family or other obligations.

Pens / Pencils

Keep pens, pencils, and highlighters handy at all times. Even though most of the work is done on the computer these days, students still need to use a pen and paper to take notes. A pencil pot could be useful as well as a school kit. If you are addicted to sewing, you can create a unique pencil case.

Bottle of water

Did you know that children need more water than adults? Not only that, but they need more water compared to their body weight than an adult. Dehydration can cause fatigue, headaches, and loss of concentration, which can make your child's performance level lower. Having a bottle of water near them will encourage them to drink even more. To encourage your child to drink water, infuse fruit to add flavor to the water.

Letter tray

To help your child organize better, add stackable letter trays and categorize them - 'to-do list', 'in progress', and 'completed'. You can turn cereal boxes into letter trays by cutting a portion of the box and decorating it with pasted paper or even gift wrap.


Now with electronic devices (cell phones, laptops, and tablets), we do not really need a clock anymore. On the other hand, it is better for the children to have one in their room, because they can lose the notion of time at any time.

Mason jars

The ways to reuse Mason jars are almost endless! They can be very useful for storing school materials (pencils, pens, paperclips, etc.), serving water or even for keeping flowers. Plus, you can decorate them, add labels, and much more. The possibilities are limitless!

Motivational poster

You have the material - all that's left is motivation! Every office space needs a source of inspiration. A poster can be a good idea to remind your children to always do their best!

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—    Shweta Agrawal