BSNL’s New Data Offers

‘Triple Ace’, ‘Dil khol ke bol’ and ‘Nehle pe dehla’.. Wait before you think of a movie names, these are not the names of movies , actually these are BSNL’s new schemes to counter threat of losing consumers against jio. Though it's bit late but these are real deals need to be considered and more cheap and promising than other players too like idea,vodafone and airtel.

it has announced three new schemes ranging from Rs 333 to Rs 395.

other operators offering 4G speed can be a drawback for BSNL.In other hand while Jio’s 4G speed is not that 4G, BSNL’s 3G is giving good speed and works in more rural places than Jio and also user don’t need to have 4G enabled device or not have to buy one can be a plus point.

Here are the three new schemes have been launched for existing pre-paid users.

Rs 333 Triple Ace plan

Offering unlimited 3G data with a per day cap usage of 3 GB, this plan has a validity of 90 days. This amounts to 90 GB a month and 270 GB 3G data for three months. While the cheap rates at Rs 1.23 per GB is a catch.

Rs 349 Dil Khol Ke Bol plan

Enticing customers with unlimited local and STD calling, this plan offers high speed 3G data with a daily cap of 2GB, valid for 90 days as well. However, whether the unlimited calls are valid across other networks except BSNL is not known yet.

Rs 395 Nehle pe Dahla plan

Apart from offering unlimited data with a limit of 2GB data per day, users will also get 3,000 minutes free calls within BSNL network, and 1,800 minutes free for calls to all other networks. Upon exhausting the daily download limit, the speed will drop to 80 kbps. Unlike the other two plans, this one has a validity of 71 days, which equals to nearly 10 weeks.