10 Tips To Picking The Perfect SmartPhone

A smartphone is a durable good - it usually takes 1 to 3 years to be exchanged for a newer one. Therefore, it is important to know how to buy the ideal cell phone for your need, seeking the best cost-benefit, especially if we take into account the time of use of the device until you buy another. To learn how to buy a cell phone efficiently, stay tuned to these 10 tips we have selected for you!

1. Prefers new cell phones

The first decision you should make is whether you will look for a new phone in the box or if you want to buy a used one. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. A new phone will possibly be more expensive than a used one of the same model, but it will have more durability, besides not having any brand of use.

On the other hand, buying a used cell phone, most of the time will outweigh a new model. So it can be an option if your budget is low. But stay alert throughout the deal, as there are malicious vendors who can sell fake products or more damage than the one reported in the ad. Our personal statement is: opt for the new one whenever possible.

2. Consider his year of release

Although buying a cell phone 1 or 2 years ago may seem attractive, it means that its useful life will be shorter than a model released this year. Other issues are also shocking when considering their longevity, since not every smartphone released is the same or has settings that keep them relevant for years to come. However, the year of release may be the first piece of information you can use as a guide.

3. Ask yourself "what else do I use on a smartphone"?

This question is crucial when researching which model to buy. We say that, since it has been a long time since the main function of a telephone was to make or receive calls. Currently, there are three main functions that jump in the eyes of users: camera quality and functionality, screen size to watch series and movies or hardware configuration to run games.

That is, before choosing the phone, you need to think about which function you use most, looking for the smartphones that offer the best solution, whether you are a photographer, aspiring YouTuber, an irremediable Netflix series marathon runner or avid mobile games player.

4. Android or iOS?

An important question to consider when buying a new smartphone: which operating system is your favorite? While most phones come with the Android system installed, the iPhones come with their own system, developed by Apple. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Android systems have more customization possibilities and are easier to tweak with your smartphone hardware, and the cost of mobile phones with this system is lower. Now iOS is a more secure and easy to use the system and is ideal for gifting those who do not have much knowledge. In addition, iOS phones receive the latest updates simultaneously and are usually the first to receive applications and games that the audience wants.

5. Consider the category of the mobile phone in the market

There are three categories of smartphones on the market: budget-based phones, mid-range phones, and top-line phones, usually represented by the major lines of their manufacturers. Each of them follows a price range, but it's worth considering that even budget-class phones can bring good hardware and camera configurations.

Budget smartphones are usually secondary or tertiary lines from manufacturers. Some famous Motorola models fit into this category, such as the MotoG line, which is in its sixth generation. On the other hand, smartphones considered "middle-term" have more robust configurations, often similar to premium phones, falling behind in details such as the lack of functionality or a small screen size. In this category, lines like Galaxy A8 and OnePlus 5T are some of the options.

Finally, premium cell phones are the flagship of their producers, getting the latest technology, the best hardware and more attention in the media - in addition to the highest price! Phones like the Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 8 and the recent iPhones are examples of premium smartphones.

6. Be aware of storage capacity

Regardless if you like to use your cell phone to take photos and record videos or if you really want to download the main games releases in Google Play or App Store, it is ideal to check the storage capacity of the models that interest you. Most smartphones offer the same model with different capabilities, so it's interesting to see the price of the model with the capacity that will suit you best.

Another important aspect when considering storage capacity is to see if the model supports the use of memory cards. iPhones, for example, do not accept the use of this type of card. Already a good part of the models Android allows its use, but nevertheless one must verify before making the purchase.

7. Battery life

Before proceeding with the purchase of a model, see what they say about battery life. Most smartphone users work outside the home, so it's ideal to find a battery model that can last all day, especially if you use your smartphone to work. In addition to seeing the battery capacity, also consider the quality of the charger that comes with the device and if it has the ability to charge the battery quickly.

8. Read the reviews of other buyers

Useful for discovering battery life and smartphone quality overall, be sure to read the reviews and reviews that other shoppers have left on the phone. But avoid generic comments like "I loved the smartphone!" Or "junk cell phone." These comments may have been made by fake users. Therefore, look for more elaborate analyzes, citing arguments to confirm or give up the purchase of the device.

9. Consider the size of the screen

With so many settings and details about the camera, it can be easy to forget another important element: the display settings of your smartphone. If you use the device a lot with one hand and do not play so much, maybe a small screen phone is ideal. But if you use your phone to play or watch series and movies, consider a larger screen phone.

Also, evaluate features such as screen size - independent whether you prefer large or small screens - brightness and quality of the displayed colors as well as resolution. It may seem like an unimportant element, but the screen settings will be decisive for its adaptation to the device.

10. Look for discounts!

Now that you know which smartphone model it will take, do not click the buy button in the first store that finds it. Search a little more for prices and discounts, also taking into account the reliability of the store. One way to search for your ideal smartphone is through Méliuz partner stores, which give you back a percentage of the direct purchase value for your account.

After getting the cell phone at the lowest price, all you have to do is wait for the delivery and back up your old model to transfer everything to the new one!