All trends for 2018 that help you in choosing a new smartphone

A new year also means new possibilities and new opportunities for purchasing a smartphone. The developments have been so hard in recent years that it is sometimes difficult to keep track of what is now offered on the market. You know in advance that brands such as Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony and HTC with a new version or improved edition on the market. Each brand has its own specific characteristics and advantages and that can make it difficult to make a good decision. In this blog, we give you an overview of the latest trends and innovations in the field of mobile technology. Moreover, we give you tips for the moment where you can best buy a smartphone.

The year 2017 in a nutshell

The year 2017 is already behind us and it was smartphones a year with a lot of changes and innovations. In a nutshell, the following happened in the field of mobile technology: the iPhone 7s and iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus were launched at the beginning of the year, in addition, the iPhone existed 10 years and with that the iPhone X was launched with a lot of interest and spectacle. This 'birthday gift' from Apple was not exactly a gift, you had to put down at least € 1100 to have it in the house. Their biggest competitor Samsung, on the other hand, came on the market with the Note 7 and Note 8 and Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 +. A lot cheaper but also to be distributed in the more expensive class.

As a counterpart to the expensive iPhone and Samsung, Huawei comes with the Mate 10 Pro, a beautifully finished device that is particularly impressive in the camera area. You have a 20-megapixel camera on the front and a secondary camera on the back of 12 megapixels. This will make your photos sharper and more colorful. Just like the Samsung and iPhone, it has a screen that fills almost the entire front. Unfortunately, it can not match everything, and things like the back of the glass and no audio jack disappoint.

Razer came up with an Android smartphone that would lift the entertainment to a higher level. The so-called Razer phone must provide unique audio and display. The perfect smartphone for gaming.

Other very memorable news was that the roaming costs in Europe were canceled. This means that you can use your normal internet and call bundle when you go on holiday in a country within the EU.

Finally, we saw that more and more people chose to take out a SIM-only subscription. This is mainly the case in the Netherlands since when taking out a subscription, ie loan, a BKR note is made. Which means that agencies can see that you have a loan somewhere open.

The trends for 2018 

3D face recognition

In the beginning, Apple was seen as the brand that came up with the most relevant innovations on the market and brands that run on Android. But in recent years it was mainly Android that came with new features, where Apple was mainly working on perfecting existing functions. With the launch of the iPhone X, that changed. This smartphone has the ability to recognize your face and thereby animate your own emotions. Competitors such as Honor and OnePlus also say they are busy with their own comparable technology to apply facial recognition.

Foldable mobile phone

The classic mobile phone that you can open and close is far past time, but there is probably something similar on the market. In China, the mobile phone with a cover is already a success and with that, they want to launch it in Europe. Another technology is that you can fold the screen completely and they are already working on it at Samsung. It appears that the Galaxy X is a smartphone that you can unfold to a tablet.

Larger screens

The trend of 2017 to release smartphones with larger screens will be continued in the new year. They call this principle the so-called 18: 9 aspect. This means that your screen covers almost the entire front, without or with very narrow edges. LG G6 was the first to come on the market with this principle. This year we will see mobile phones in every price range that adjust their offer on larger screens.

5G network

Almost everyone is familiar with the 4G network and most devices can be connected to this network. However, the world does not stand still and we can already tell you that the 5G network is coming. The goal of the 5G network with respect to the 4G network is that they want to reduce the delay in transferring data, while the battery is not drained too much. In addition, it is obviously a lot faster than the current network.

Digital payment

The year has started big with the announcement of Samsung to be able to pay contactless, namely Samsung Pay. In 2018 we also expect that Android Pay and Apple Pay will come on the market and the digital payment will become even more popular. In addition, this can be the year that voice-based applications for transferring money are gaining ground. An example of this is ICICI's one-step Money2India application to transfer money to India in six steps.

Virtual reality

Although VR ( Virtual Reality ) has already been launched on the smartphone, it does not work as you would expect. This is mainly due to the fact that it actually only works well on expensive smartphones. Also because you have to put your smartphone in a dock to use VR. This is changing because of a headset that stands on its own, like the Google Daydream. Apple is more focused on Augmented Reality with its ARKit. Android also goes after Apple and comes on the market with its own ARCore. Google Lens would also make this possible by providing information about the environment where you are, such as addresses, telephone numbers, and other context information.

Fingerprints in glass

The expectation in 2017 was that we could already expect a fingerprint scanner in the glass of a smartphone this year. Especially when we look at brands like Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi we can state that they have not yet come up with something new on the market. Yet Synaptics already came up with the news that the technology is ready to be picked up. Apple has already indicated that they are not planning to pursue this technology, but when it turns out to be affordable and feasible, we can certainly expect a step out of the direction of the Android world.

eSIMs makes its appearance

eSIMs or better known as embedded SIM cards will replace the old small SIM cards that we can easily get rid of. They are integrated into a mobile phone and thus connect with a specific provider. This has a positive influence on, for example, smartphones, but also laptops and tablets. With the Pixel 2 from Google, it is already possible to use an eSIM, we also expect that Apple would come with such a step.

Batteries are probably not getting better, but hope remains

Every year people look forward to the news that the life of the battery is drastically improved. Unfortunately, until now, this has not really been the case. Even before 2018, there have been no reports of companies claiming that they can significantly improve the battery life. This is also a step that you should not just announce, something Samsung knows all too well after they had to recover the Galaxy S7 because of safety problems with the battery.

Dust and waterproof

Not completely new, but increasingly popular are smartphones that are both dustproof and waterproof. We, therefore, expect this trend to continue in the new year. An example of a waterproof phone is, for example, the Pixel 2 from Google or the Samsung S8. Ideal for example to attach to a holder for under the shower. Who would not want to watch the news or watch a funny movie while showering?

Smartphones highlighted

To give you a little more insight into what exactly you can expect in the field of smartphones, we give you some more information about three models that we find interesting.

iPhone X

Since the iPhone has been in existence for ten years, Apple came on the market with the iPhone X and they certainly have not stood still. First of all, the design of the smartphone is extremely beautiful and large. The entire display is larger than ever and that means you no longer have unsightly edges and can make optimal use of the screen when it comes to watching a movie, for example. In addition, you no longer have to worry about forgetting your password through Apple's facial recognition. Your face is now your password! With facial recognition, it is also possible to make your own emoji based on your facial features. Finally, you can use Augmented Reality through the powerful A11 Bionic chip. This brings your games and applications to life!

Google Pixel 2 XL

The new mobile from Google has come up with an update, namely the XL version. Almost the entire front of the phone has become a screen, bigger than before and the fingerprint scanner and cameras on the back have been upgraded. One of the best smartphone cameras you can find at this moment with its 12.3 MP lens. It has an attractive black and white design and gives you the opportunity to use Google's assistant AI. With this, you can give your smartphone assignments by controlling with your voice. It also works together with Google's Daydream, the virtual reality platform.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The Note 8 is a smartphone that, like the above, belongs to the series of smartphones with a lot of options and quality. The device comes with 6 GB of RAM, which means that you can almost use it as a computer. You can make handy notes by using the S-pen that is included. You can also control the phone with your voice by using Bixby, the virtual assistant. It is clearly a better variant than its predecessor the Note 7, which had problems with a flammable battery. With its 6.3 inch it is also the largest smartphone on the market right now.  

Tips for buying a Smartphone

A smartphone is nowadays impossible to imagine and is an accessory that almost everyone is walking around with. A smartphone represents your identity, so it is an investment that you need to consider carefully when and where you buy it. Especially since for some smartphones, you can lose a lot of money. Moreover, everyone uses their mobile phone for various reasons and therefore needs different specifications. Read here what to look for when buying a new smartphone.

To check for yourself what to look for when purchasing a new smartphone, we have created a checklist:

Smartphone checklist:

  • iOS or Android

In previous years, the iPhone was particularly popular with the IOS operating system. But Android is no longer part of the Apple operating system and is even more popular in a lot of countries in the last few years. Certainly, Samsung and Google come with powerful and beautiful smartphones on the market so there is plenty of choices.

  • Dates, minutes and text

Many smartphones give you the option to make and receive unlimited calls and also a large bundle of data. Be smart and check how much data you have lost per month. There is no point in paying for 10 GB of data while you only use 2 GB monthly.

  • Camera

A good camera can be an important factor when it comes to choosing a smartphone. Take a good look at the possibilities with the camera and whether you can also use Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality.

  • SIM only

When you have already paid for an appliance in its entirety, you can often get very advantageous SIM only deals. You often get a lot of data and you only pay a small amount per month. Check for yourself what you like and what is, of course, the most advantageous.

  • Battery life

Check carefully the battery life of a smartphone. Read reviews on the internet to see if consumers experience the same as what a brand has told you yourself. When you know that you regularly use your smartphone one day, it is advisable to look for a long battery life. Or you buy a good power bank of course.

  • Pay attention to the contract

Although some offers look like a very attractive deal, you have to be careful before you sign a contract. Find out for yourself what is the most advantageous and calculate the annual costs you spend on taking out a subscription.

The best moments to buy a smartphone

Every year there are fixed times when it is advantageous to purchase a smartphone. We list the most lucrative moments:

The Belgian sales period

In January and July, there are salesmen again! In these bargain periods, virtually all stores give high discounts. Fortunately, these discounts can often also be found online. Discounts often increase from 30 to 80 percent. January and July are the perfect months to purchase a smartphone.

Black Friday

The last Friday of November is Black Friday again. This phenomenon from the United States is now also very popular in Europe and so also in Belgium. We can clearly see that the supply grows with the year and with it the discounts. Save yourself the busy shopping streets and order a smartphone easily from your seat at one of our advertisers.

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is in line with Black Friday. This day is focused on the online sale of many products at the same spectacular discounts as on Black Friday. Online shopping is therefore logically very popular on this day and smartphones are often extra beneficial.

Flash sales

Many web shops have special unannounced sales that go under the heading 'Flash Sale'. Our partner Coolblue often has special moments where they suddenly put a series of smartphones on sale. At these times you benefit from high discounts and many benefits. Be aware of a flash sale? Then sign up for the Coolblue newsletter or your favorite smartphone brand and provider.

Patience pays off

As soon as a smartphone is brought onto the market, the prices are often the highest. Wait patiently for two to three months, then the prices often decrease and you do not pay the main prize. Patience is a virtue...