How To Choose Your Smartphone?

Need a new smartphone and want some tips to help you choose a model that's right for you? Back Market helps you see things in a few key ways.

Let's start with the beginning. Before you worry about the number of gigabytes or borderless style or not your next best friend 2018, there are 3 essential questions to ask yourself: What do I really need? What do I really want? What can I afford financially? Setting your goal and your financial limit helps to avoid getting lost in the jungle of smartphones.


What will you use your phone smart? Uses can be simplistic (phone and pick up your mailbox once a day) or multiple and energy-consuming. With your smartphone, will you make calls? Send SMS / MMS? Do you wake up in the morning? Listen to music or radio? until then a rather basic use.

Or also manage all your mailboxes? Chat via instant messengers? Play YouTube or Netflix videos? Do you romp on gourmet video games? Take a photo or video shots? Take charge of a remote PC? Use lots of applications to manage your accounts (banking, insurance, SNCF, Air France, ...)? Storing/transferring files? Surf the Internet? Do you use it as GPS?

iPhone or Android?

Most smartphone models are equipped with Android. Obviously, choose the most recent version of the OS. Android 7.0 Nougat already dates from the summer of 2016 and Android 6 from 2015 ... Aim instead for an Android 7 compatible with Android 8.0 Oreo.

If you look for Apple, the updates of the OS are very regular and the manufacturer also improves its old models of smartphones. Therefore, even an iPhone 5 is able to work with the latest Apple operating system (at present, iOS 11). Of course, if you have an Apple computer, it is probably more advisable to opt for an iPhone to make your life easier in terms of synchronization.


Before cracking for a phablet or an extra borderless screen just because it's new, go take a walk in the store to take in hand models or ask to manipulate those of your knowledge. Nothing like to test in real life to better realize if this is convenient and really suits you.

The definition is more important than the size itself because it is it that allows or not a good readability. Today, a Full HD definition is a norm. If your urge pushes you towards a phablet exceeding 5.5 inches, then favor a larger definition (FHD + or WQHD).


With AMOLED technology, the smartphone is more economical than with an LCD screen, each pixel is activated only if necessary. Super AMOLED + displays are even brighter and have a larger viewing angle.

Connectivity, photo, and music

On the connectivity side, make sure that the smartphone supports the 4G bands used by French operators (B1 / B3 / B7 / B20 / B28 bands), and that it benefits from WiFi and Bluetooth.
If shooting is for you a criterion of choice, entry-level will not satisfy you. To have a real photophone, you will have to invest heavily.

On the music side, all current smartphones read mp3 but if you want to listen to higher quality, some smartphones have the ability to broadcast HD audio. Nice, still need to have a headset that makes this sound, use an application like Poweramp or Flac Player and of course have quality audio files.

Processor and memory

The more powerful a processor is, the more it ensures excellent speed of execution and makes it possible to fully benefit from multimedia, be it video games or HD video. Today, there are processors on the market with four cores or even eight cores. To choose according to your uses. There is no point in having a racehorse to watch the weather or send an email.

Side memory or RAM, the more important it is, and the more you can open applications simultaneously. As they coexist in the memory, having an extended RAM makes it possible to switch from one to the other with speed and to have a real multitasking mode.

Autonomy and battery

Of course, the interest of everyone is to have the greatest possible autonomy. Now, the more powerful a smartphone is and its impressive screen size, and the more it consumes energy. Think about it. Privilege those who have a fast charging capacity.

If you plan to keep your smartphone for a long time, the ability to replace the battery yourself is an interesting criterion to watch; you can extend your life by offering a new source of energy at a lower cost.

With these few important criteria, make a list of those who really matter to you and your uses to select your new smartphone. This is the most important.

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—    Sahil Tanna