New figures show that no other smartphone can compete with the iPhone X

Apple's iPhone X is the best-selling smartphone worldwide. This is shown by new estimates for the sales figures in the first quarter of 2018. Meanwhile, the competition from China and South Korea has lost out.

In the first quarter of 2018, no smartphone sold more often than Apple's iPhone X, according to analysts from the US company Strategy Analytics. Accordingly, Apple sold 16 million models of its current flagship, which was the world's best-selling smartphone in the first quarter of this year.

The dominance of the iPhone group is also reflected in the following places. Behind the iPhone X, iPhone 8 (12.5 million), 8 Plus (8.3) and the iPhone 7 (5.6) landed in the other places. "We estimate that Apple's iPhone X sold 16 million copies in Q1 2018 and achieved a global market share of 5 percent," says Juha Winter of Strategy Analytics. Since its launch in November 2017, Apple has sold 50 million models of the iPhone X.

Xiaomi and Samsung land behind Apple

The best-selling smartphone model in the first quarter, not from Apple, was the Xiaomi Redmi 5A. The mobile phone of the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi sold 5.4 million times between February and April, finishing fifth ahead of Samsung's Galaxy S9 Plus (5.3 million).

Apple's market power is also reflected in market share. Again, the iPhone X Strategy Analytics claims to be number one with a total share of 4.6 percent. The Redmi 5A from Xiaomi has a global share of 1.6 percent.

Figures disprove negative analyst forecasts

The figures for Apple are all the more surprising, as, in the past few months, various analysts had repeatedly forecasted poor sales of almost 1200 euros expensive iPhone X. The estimates of Strategy Analytics refute the experts now. Overall, Apple sold 52.2 million phones worldwide, as Apple recently announced. It was the iPhone X in each week of the quarter, the best-selling Apple smartphone. The group from Cupertino did not announce exact numbers to respective models, however.

2018 Apple is to bring according to estimates of experts still three new iPhone models on the market. In addition to a successor to the iPhone X and an iPhone X Plus, a facelift for the iPhone SE is also expected, with which Apple wants to bring a cheap model on the market.