Xiaomi Pocophone: Dual APN and Snapdragon 845 for less than 20999INR

We were talking about it earlier this month, but our price estimate was still too high. Today, Xiaomi unveils one of the most powerful smartphones in this price range: the Pocophone F1.

But how is this possible? That is the question that strikes after reading the specifications of future Pocophone F1 of Xiaomi.

For Rs.20999 exactly, we are holding a smartphone able to hold the dragee high midrange devices sold much more expensive.

Pocophone F1: Snapdragon 845, dual camera and 6GB of RAM

Xiaomi chose as a slogan for its low-cost smartphone "Master of Speed", and we understand why. the device will turn on one of the most popular SoC market: Snapdragon 845.

A chip that will be equipped with not less than 6GB of RAM and 64 or 128 GB of storage depending on the model chosen? the most generous version costing only 28k more to purchase. To top it off, the device embeds a generous 4000 mAh battery.

The 6.18-inch smartphone also meets today's design requirements by adopting the controversial notch on its upper side. A banner that hosts including a front camera of no less than 20 MP, for selfies in high definition.

In the back, a 12MP Sony lens comes with another 5MP, produced by Samsung.

A low-cost smartphone that does not overlook features

In addition to its admirable technical sheet for this price, the Pocophone F1 also gives pride of place to the features.

Thus, the device is equipped with a novel cooling technology called LiquidCool. In other words, it's a whole system of water-cooling that regulates the temperature of the smartphone! An innovation "300% more efficient than conventional non-liquid cooling solutions", according to Xiaomi.

Finally, is also housed in the notch of the smartphone a proximity sensor and a lens and an infrared flash. All this paraphernalia is exploited by the technology of unlocking the camera by facial recognition which, thanks to the infrared, also works in the dark.

The Pocophone F1 will be available on August 30 at a price of 20999INR for the 64 GB version, and 23999INR for the 128 GB version.