7 common points found in the best Instagram accounts

Of all social networks, Instagram is definitely the one that has the wind in its sails this year, surpassing the 300 million users. It's like we never tire of admiring pretty pictures!

Whether you want to get started on Instagram this year or want to improve an existing business account, you might need some tips like "How to be successful on Instagram". To guide you, here are 7 common points to the best Instagram accounts:

  1. They have a well-defined strategy

Although we all like to put pictures on Instagram, you can not post haphazard luck if you want to have concrete results. First, ask yourself what benefits you want to get out of your Instagram account. If you want to make your brand known or if you are looking to boost your sales, the type of images you will post will be different.

  1. They have a visual coherence

Just as you recognize a song from your favorite band right from the first notes, people need to be able to identify your photos at a glance. Choose a style, and stay consistent. Always use one (or two) same filter and stick to a few well-defined topics.

  1. They are interactive

Even though most of the feedback on Instagram is limited to the "like" button (heart-shaped), you can adopt social behavior on your side. Tell what's going on in the picture and let your passion for the subject surface. Ask a question or invite the followers to express themselves in the comments, to encourage the conversation.

  1. They are authentic

The photos you share on Instagram must be "real". Retouch them in moderation to avoid going for a Photoshop maniac. The authenticity of the photos shows a certain honesty, essential to establish a relationship of trust.

  1. They are not afraid of hashtags

On Instagram, hashtags follow their own rules. On Twitter, beyond one or two, you'll seem to be doing too much. On Instagram, it is perfectly normal (even recommended) to place a handful of hashtags related to your activity and the posted image (if in doubt, do a quick search to make sure they are appropriate).

  1. They organize funny competitions

Bet on the irrepressible desire to share and show off his photography skills by organizing a photo contest. Choose a topic or theme related to your business, or ask members to post photos featuring your product. You may be surprised by the quality of the photos and the response rate that your invitation will cause.

  1. They make you see behind the scenes

If someone loves your brand, he will want to really know you. Who are you? Who are your employees? What do you do with your days? What do your products look like during planning, creation and final stages? By letting you see behind the scenes of your business, you might be building a fan base and more loyal customers than ever before.

If you want to see the example of a company that applies all these tips creatively, no problem, try National Geographic.

What are your favorite B2C Instagram accounts? If you have a pro account on Instagram, what is your recipe for interacting with your followers?

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