Three years after Avengers 2 and a multitude of solo films later, the film world Marvel finally arrives at its apotheosis. With Infinity War, we face one of the most ambitious and important film family reunions, but with such pressure, it's hardly surprising that the brothers Joe and Anthony Russo carefully avoid the catch of risks, and deliver a classic summer blockbuster, visually without blame.

We can easily say that Infinity War is without a doubt the finishing touch of a company that has been going on for several years now. But it's not necessarily the most important films that matter most in this new film. If Civil War has its share of the cake, we can also mention Doctor Strange, but also Thor: Ragnarok. It is the latter that comes to mind when describing the overall atmosphere of Infinity War.

And if Thanos is teased since the first Avengers (also with a quick passage in The Guardians of the Galaxy), it is more the war between the superheroes, who have fragmented, which is really important in this third opus. In a group but so fragmented, the Avengers and those who come to give a hand in passing, all try to repel the inevitable.

Because Infinity War places us shortly after the events of Thor: Ragnarok. Thanos, one of the most formidable enemies of the galaxy, gradually harvests the various stones of infinities. With the help of a glove specially built for the occasion, he will use the power of each stone in his possession to achieve his ends: kill half of the inhabitants of the universe so that the other half can live without limits. Superheroes on Earth and in the rest of the galaxy will have no choice but to fight, or to abdicate in the face of the inevitable.

It is in this heady atmosphere that takes place the 2:30 of the film. The big brother of the Russo brothers is certainly full of action, but the two directors never forget the strength of the story they put on stage. The recurring presence of Thanos in all the events - even the most insignificant - of the film makes it possible to follow with a sickly attention how each hero will succeed in getting out, or on the contrary give up. At this little game, and as the war described in Civil War has left traces, we find two distinct groups. There are the merry men and the most serious ones.

The happy lurons, composed mainly of Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Spider-Man or Star-Lord, work rather well when they are together, but it is also in these moments that Infinity War is lazy. Those who have seen Spider-Man Homecoming will see what it's all about, and if humor is an inseparable part of any Marvel movie, the overflow of jokes can also completely undo the dramatic spring. This happens regularly as soon as the scenario focuses on this group. To want to make you laugh too much, you forget the spectator - even if he has a smile on his lips.

On the other hand, the "more serious" group, composed of Captain America, Black Panther or Black Widow, allows the film to play on a much more visual and dramatic ground, in addition to offering incredible choreographies. The difference in treatment is quite impressive, and it is much more bearable. We are very far from the bad dialogues of Avengers 2 and the dubious realization of Joss Whedon, centered on Iron Man as if it were a new solo film.

It must also be admitted that the production is focused on giving a story and a context to each of the main superheroes of all Marvel films that we have seen for 10 years. Be it iconic characters like Iron Man or Captain America, or more secondary characters such as the Red Witch and Vision. Equally interesting, the presence of visual universes specific to each hero. 80's fans and neon lighting will be served, as will those who have enjoyed the virtuous and African landscapes of Wakanda. The only Hulk is a little left out, even though he is supposed to have a story in three films since Thor: Ragnarok.

Avengers: Infinity War can also boast of a really nasty villain, without falling into stereotypes. Thanos treatment is quite unique and undermines all the efforts made by Warner to try to impose his bad-guys DC on the big screen. And more generally, Marvel has never been so proud to unveil all the meanders of a terrible, scary, ugly who puts pressure.

But after 2:30 of intense action, where we never get bored, we regret not to have been more surprised. Black Panther had managed to offer a refreshing universe so that Infinity War sounds more like an echo of the past. When we look at the titanic work of the Russo brothers, we see that there is no desire to do more than what exercise requires. The emotion is at the rendezvous, but it is not sufficiently marked by not having enough stakes. This is not a bad thing, but the bar was probably a bit too high for this third episode. Remains to Avengers 4 to dare next year, which seems to confirm the only post-generic scene.


Avengers: Infinity War delivers what an Avengers has to deliver, and nothing more. If the result is up to expectations, we regret a risk-taking at least. After Black Panther, Marvel is rather the choice of continuity without disappointing. An impeccable visual spectacle, without surprises.

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