Good this one do not count it as a move, but there are always people who do not think about it ... MAKE YOUR BOXES before moving AND NOT DURING! It's crazy as you will not waste your time and save a lot of money if you're dealing with movers.

1. Make sure your new home is ready to be occupied on the day of your move. It would be a pity to pay movers or bring friends for nothing!

2.Validate with your neighbors that their car will not be in the way on the day of the move, this can save you from having to make big detours or disturb them at 7am!

3. Make a travel kit that contains all essentials (change of clothes, snack, water, toiletries, DRUGS, TOILET PAPER, cell, wallet and KEY)

4. The keys, make sure you have them or leave them in the right place at the right time, this can save you long round trip!

5. Use your clothes to pack your dishes , an economical way, but also ecological to protect your dishes during the transport.

6. Create a color code to respect and known to everyone from the beginning to the end of your move. Nobody will ask you the question "How are you doing?" And you can find your things in a flash.

7.Do the housework before moving into your new home, it's always easier and more efficient.

8. Get all the necessary accessories for a perfect move. Tons of boxes, sturdy tape, an exacto, garbage bags, basic tools like screwdriver, pliers, extension, lighting.

9. Keep the screws, bracket, bracket well glued to the item you are moving (Furniture, Curtain and Pole, Air Conditioning) Use small Ziploc bags and duct tape.

10. Well seal the bottom of your heavier boxes and sometimes make handles on the sides , your friends and movers will tell you thank you

11. Photograph how your home theater is connected, you will avoid wasting time to reconnect!

12. Use your luggage or bag as a moving box , so you do not waste any space!

13. Sell or donate what you will not keep before moving rather than after , then you save time and space and avoid moving something for nothing.

14. Photographing the accommodation you leave before leaving permanently, it does not help you for your move, but can avoid you unpleasant surprises.

15. Wash all the dishes the day before and do not touch them anymore , do not forget to empty your dishwasher.

16. Empty and thaw your freezer at least a day in advance, then wipe off the water, if it starts to flow during the move the floors can become slippery very quickly.

17. Do not move during the moving season can save you a lot of money, it's supply and demand

18. Use banana boxes for books , these boxes are sturdy with pong, but most of all they are free at the grocery store!

We hope you will enjoy these simple little things. Good move and most importantly, do not forget to reward those who helped you to come back next time!

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—    Shweta Jaishwal