8 mistakes that we usually make with our money

Impulsive purchases, getting into debt more than it should be, spending on things we do not need ... there are many mistakes that we make daily with our economy. Today we would like to review the most important mistakes highlighted and how to avoid them.

Very frequent mistakes with our money

1. Do not control our recurring expenses

Recurring expenses can kill our savings if we do not have them under control. Monthly invoices, transport ticket, registration of the gym ... We must review what these expenses and see if all of them are necessary. We recommend you keep track of how much is assumed per month and see how to eliminate unnecessary ones.

2. Rent cars or motorcycles too often

With the arrival of the car and motorcycle rental in the cities, the monthly expenditure can be considerably affected. If you use these services to newspapers you can do your calculations to see if it really makes up for you to rent or buy one. In addition, compare which services are best suited to your needs can be of great help, in this article we compare rates and benefits.

3. Debts with the wedding and the honeymoon

A wedding is one of the most important moments of life, but also one of the most expensive. Before starting the preparations it is advisable to calculate how much budget you have at your disposal and from there to do the rest of the calculations. We can take advantage of offers for weddings or resort to the imagination to be creative and save on the details.

4. Change the phone frequently

Having the next generation mobile is tempting but unnecessary, especially if our current phone works well. Before making such a costly change, it is advisable to make calculations and see if it really is worth it.

5. Buy when we are sad or bored

Sometimes we resort to purchases to feel better, even resorting to credit cards. Previously it would be important to stop to analyze if it is needed and, in case it really makes us feel better, look for the best offers and prices that we can afford.

6. Do not compare phone companies

The existence of so many telephone companies is an opportunity to find the best prices and the most suitable rates for us. An error that is frequently commented on is to let time pass and not review from time to time what our tariffs are, and if there is one that fits better.

7. Live beyond our means

One of the biggest mistakes we make with our money is spending more than we can afford, with the corresponding indebtedness. If we have located our needs and our budget we can save a lot of money per month.

8. Always eat outside the home

The stress of everyday life means that many times we do not have time to go to the supermarket and cook. Whether we eat always outside or based our food on precooked dishes, our pocket and our health may suffer. It is advisable to spend a little time a week to go shopping and cooking. A good way is to cook for several days and freeze the food left over.

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—    Mihika Iyer