How to: Keep a clean room

In this article, I make you by my personal experience. I'm not saying it's the best, because there are many other ways to achieve the same result.

Above all, it was mental work before being physical. I first imagined the room in which I would feel good, that is to say, a room that looks like me. A room that is clean and tidy. After targeting what prevented me from having the room of my dreams ( the lack of confidence in me, envy youtube uses or photos Pinterest and tell me all day long that I was unable to have a nice room ), I wondered what actions I could take to achieve my goal.

This great reflection led me to the creation of a routine. The routine, a daily repetition of actions, was, in my opinion, the best way to get MY room (here I'm talking about the organization and not the decoration). I added several things that I would like to do on a daily basis, such as reading before going to bed and drinking a glass of water, to reach my other goals. Following this, I gave myself a period of two weeks to best apply my routine and adjust it as time goes by. As a result, my clothes were folded and stored. My room was always clean, whether in the morning before going to school or in the evening before going to bed.

Today, I am 100% satisfied with this change, which before seemed like a burden to me, but which turns out to be vital. Why was this routine necessary? It was necessary to break all the bad habits that I had taken until today. To know: to pile my clothes on a chair, badly to bend them or to swing them in my cupboard.

The advice I have to give you to have a room and a cupboard clean:
- Visualize the room or the wardrobe that you want. Imagine the smallest corner of the room or furniture. Do not leave anything to chance.
- Target the problem (saving time and energy). Ask yourself: why is there a gap between the room of my dreams and the current room? What's wrong?
- Ask yourself the question: what can I do to achieve this result?
- Act quickly, do not wait.
- Keep the goal in mind. At first, it may be tiring or even annoying, your body needs to get used to new habits. Do not let go. If you do not see results, change the attack plan.

It's crazy how in such a short time, I managed to change all my philosophy! While there is still some way, but I did the hardest: I started. If it were necessary to remember one thing from my little example, it would be the fact that it is not enough to want this or that thing to have it. But we must give ourselves the means to. You have to be an actor and not a spectator of your life.

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—    Mihika Iyer