Is it dangerous to go alone on a trip?

When you are single and it is impossible for us to go on holiday with friends or family because of incompatible schedules, all that's left to do is organize your solo trip for the best of manners.

Prepare your itinerary

Indeed, some people can apprehend the fact of GOING ON VACATION alone but for everything to go well once arrived at the destination, it is advisable to prepare his itinerary in advance.

The place of accommodation

To do this, we will obviously book its accommodation by promoting places known for their welcome and their tranquility. To find them, there are various websites which allow to consult the opinions of the Net surfers and, thus, to select the place of lodging which will have collected the most positive appreciations.

Places to go out

In addition, it is advisable to also inquire about the places which will allow you to benefit from your holidays by partying without being constantly approached by strangers who can quickly become troublesome. You can search for addresses on the Internet and list the discotheques and bars that will suit your tastes in terms of the atmosphere while ensuring optimal security.

Prevent risks

When we are a girl Traveling alone is probably more complicated and more dangerous when you are a woman because they will be more easily approached by strangers and some may become very insistent. To avoid this, it is imperative to blend into the mass by not openly displaying its tourist status. Therefore, it will be easier to go about his business and visit the country or region of his choice without fear of being lured by malicious people.

Do not make a mistake

If you opt for a solo holiday abroad, you should learn about local customs beforehand to avoid any missteps. Indeed, in some countries, it is imperative to respect the dress that is required as is the case for the Maghreb countries.

Especially when you are a woman, it is strongly recommended to ban clothing too airy to hide his chest and thighs. You will find interesting clothing specials.

This will then save you a lot of inconvenience and inquisitive looks that can quickly turn into unpleasant words. In addition, some places are prohibited to tourists such as places of worship for example. It will, therefore, be necessary to respect this and not to try to penetrate the enclosure of a mosque even if this one intrigues you by its astonishing architecture.

Keep abreast of loved ones

Going on vacation alone is therefore quite possible when you organize your stay in advance and that you learn about the culture and the traditions of the country you want to visit. In addition, to calm your mind, it is quite possible to keep a blog or send emails to his entourage every day so they know that everything is going well but especially where you are.

If there is a problem, they can intervene, even if you are abroad, because they will have information on your route. Traveling alone is not necessarily dangerous, as long as you organize your holidays carefully so that they take place without false notes!

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—    Sahil Tanna