Organizations around the world are eager to begin their digital transformation and embrace the cloud. This transition will allow them to improve their operational flexibility, but it also entails risks if safety practices are not taken into consideration. The US National Cyber Security Alliance estimates that six months after being attacked, 60% of businesses close their doorsIn addition, the institute says that the average price to pay for a small business that has been hacked is $ 690,000. This figure rises to more than 1 million for medium-sized enterprises.

According to the Alert Logic cloud security report, cloud hybrid infrastructures have a 141% higher security incident rate than a public cloud environment alone. Think about it ... it could be a surprising deviance, but that's what our cloud security partner is reporting on its database of more than 3,800 customers. This is one of the many discoveries mentioned in the most recent report.

Companies of all sizes and industries have made the transition to the cloud. Transferring servers, data, and applications to the cloud have a number of benefits, but it also creates inherent risks. Oler Logic, has analyzed millions of security events that have occurred in their customers around the world for an 18-month period. The goal is to better understand the state of cloud security and the particular challenges that pose threats to businesses.

One of the overarching elements of the report suggests that what makes the cloud vulnerable derives in part from its benefits. Customers have access to their cloud-based servers, data, and applications from anywhere, making them susceptible to attacks from outside; applications and data are on the cloud for access, so they are vulnerable to potential breaches. The report provides information about vulnerabilities that may be present in the cloud, so you can plan how to minimize your organization's exposure while taking advantage of the benefits of the cloud.

Organizations must have a solution in place to protect their resources without compromising the pace of business.Data and applications must be protected by a multi-level security system that does not change the high performance.

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In the introduction to the report, Alert Logic co-founder and senior vice president of products and marketing, Misha Govshteyn, says, "Why is the sky blue? What is the meaning of life? Did the chicken come before the egg? Is the public cloud really less secure than on-site facilities? No one can answer with certainty the existential questions, but we can enlighten you on the last question: there is no indication that the public cloud is less secure.In fact, more data proves the opposite. " [free translation]

The Alert Logic, cloud security report is based on a comprehensive analysis of more than 30 million security events that reached more than 4,000 customers globally between August 2015 and the month of August. January 2017. It is, therefore, a relevant and timely resource for organizations that are already enjoying the benefits of the cloud or those who are considering making the transition. Organizations that have begun their digital transformation need to determine which resources need to stay on-site and which ones need to be managed from the cloud. They also need to consider whether a hybrid solution that combines the two options is more appropriate. For workloads that have already been streamed to the cloud, companies can choose to use a public cloud or a private cloud.

When it comes to the security of cloud resources, you need to know the weaknesses of your infrastructure and how attackers are attacking your resources in the cloud. CMS and ecommerce platforms, cloud databases and web applications are all at risk. However, it is possible that your security resources are limited (due to lack of budget, manpower or time), so you need to know what the attackers are aiming for to position these resources effectively for Secure your IT environment as deftly as possible. Planning for the security of your IT infrastructure needs to be thoughtful, and you will need to be innovative.

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Businesses need a partner that offers a proactive, integrated, and a comprehensive security system so they can embrace the cloud and transfer their applications, tools, and systems that will grow with them. Their resources will be well protected and aligned with best practices in security.

Finally, the Alert Logic cloud security report recommends that organizations rush to adopt the public cloud; there is growing recognition that the cloud is secure and that ultimately cloud security is unique to the organization that uses it. Adopting the public cloud is a unique opportunity to reduce the attack surface and rethink the security system. The benefits of public cloud are real and data-driven analytics can help you focus your protection efforts to minimize data loss.

We must not assume that the public cloud is impenetrable: lower risks do not mean that there is no risk at all. The Alert Logic analysis does not prove that the public cloud is safer than conventional or on-site infrastructure; however, the database demonstrates compelling evidence that fewer incidents occur in public cloud environments.

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—    Sahil Tanna